Golnik Tsongas Round 3 in Fitchburg the Video

“I don’t make that tax pledge to just Grover Norquist, I make that tax pledge to every hard working man and women in this room here today!”

Jon Golnik at yesterday’s debate

Yesterday Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and challenger Jon Golnik met for their third and final debate before the election next month at Fitchburg State University.

The Crowd outside was loud

And there was some Gary Johnson supporters in the crowd too:

And the Crowd inside was not bad either

And included some local pols

The Panel represented the Sentinel & Enterprise and the college:

As for the debate itself I thought Golnik has his best debate, helped by an active crowd, he pressed his advantage on several questions such as Libya

and Taxes:

and I thought his Are you better off than you were before theme continues to score point in a community that is frankly depressed:

Tsongas’ best moments were concentrating on her service, on Military students:

And Transportation:

There was real substance in this debate and a real contrast between the candidates. Golnik had the line of the night when challenged over signing the Norquist pledge

“I don’t make that tax pledge to just Grover Norquist, I make that tax pledge to every hard working man and women in this room here today!”

I think Golnik clearly won this round but his biggest problem is getting his message that has appeal in this district out there. Considering that Scott Brown took the district by 15 points that Brown’s name was not invoked AGAIN by him totally confuses me.

Golnik is underfunded by a National GOP that doesn’t see the opportunity in this district, he can win if properly backed in the home stretch to get his message out. Will they and can he will be the deciding factor in this race.

Here are the remaining questions from the debate: Continue reading “Golnik Tsongas Round 3 in Fitchburg the Video”

Demoralized as Hell: The 85% Solution

I generally don’t pay a lot of attention to the KOS SEIU poll because…well it’s the Kos SEIU poll but I noticed the Breitbart link and on a whim checked it out.

That Romney has a +4 lead in a poll that has a +3 democrat sample is bad.

That 56% call wrong track in a +3 democrat sample is worse.

But the most devastating number is right here

Take a look at that number Barack Obama in a KOS/SEIU poll is only drawing 85% of the black vote! Even if he gets all the undecided it only rises to 88%.

This has to be a shock to the left, but if you have been reading this site it is simply the logical conclusion to events.

In August of last year I described this as the Barber Shop election for the black community:

I’m sure that if I went back to Ga-4 and asked the overwhelmingly black community there: “Do you support the president?” I’d be told YES overwhelmingly. If my friend George, a black minister in that same community asked that question I suspect he would get a more nuanced response.

And in January I noted the Obama campaign found the need to reach out to black voters

The rumors of dissatisfaction of the black community with president Obama are not rumors but fact and even the prudent estimates I have given overstates his popularity among African-Americans requiring immediate action to motivate the uninspired and pressure the wavering to make sure Black turnout doesn’t drop.

And my numbers were based on him drawing 93% of the Black vote:

In May I noted the effect of Gay Marriage on the race a Black community where the Black church makes such a difference:

Forget the absurdity that a vote based on race to begin with and imagine you are a Black voter disgusted with the president’s record but getting pressure over racial solidarity. The Gay Marriage suddenly makes staying home a matter of sticking with your Pastor and your God.

In June I noted the polls in NC that meant huge trouble:

One out of five Black Americans in a state where the president won 95% of the Black vote the last time around have explicitly told strangers they will not support the first black president for re-election and they have expressed that decision in a public poll..

It is that public nature that makes all the difference because it reinforces what other Black Americans may be thinking in other states but are hesitant to say aloud.

It is a paradigm shift and if it repeats itself beyond North Carolina then this election over.

and in July we talked about the Romney applause line at the NAACP event that got little or no press:

The media has to dodge this issue because it has the potential to create the same split between leadership and rank and file that we have seen in Unions and mainstream coverage of that applause would shatter that narrative.

But the question is did the Black Media duck it? An answer came in September:

My friends the Democrat party and their progressive coalition have become anti God, anti Bible, anti church anti family, anti marriage, and anti-life. They have turned their backs on Christians, it’s time for us to turn our backs on them.

While I had Bishop Jackson on my show the MSM ignored him but they can’t ignore this KOS poll.

It is a bad thing for the Democrats if the percentage of Blacks in the total electorate drops, it’s a worse thing for Democrats if the Party’s share of the black vote drops below 90%. If you have an election where both total black electorate drops AND President Obama’s share of the Black vote drops from 95% to below 90% that means only one thing:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

Exit question: In my opinion this is a huge story, why didn’t the MSM cover it? Did they simply miss it or did they deliberately ignore it?

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