Demoralized as Hell: Editorial Reversal Edition

There aren't many people who believe Mitt Romney has a prayer of winning in Massachusetts, however that might depend on how many people read this absolutely devastating endorsement of Mitt by the Sentinel & Enterprise Romney has faced economic challenges at key points in his professional and political careers and has always seemed to grow … Continue reading Demoralized as Hell: Editorial Reversal Edition

Voices of Women Selina Owens

Last night I stopped by an event in NH and had the pleasure of interviewing Selina Owens concerning her book The Power Within A Conservative Women Engaging American for God Family & Country. Ironically although we didn't meet at the time I found out last night that Selina Owens was part of the Tea Party … Continue reading Voices of Women Selina Owens

Holy Act of Congress!

Senior Citizens tend to remember things from their youth, sometimes clearer than things in the present. I'm still quite a few years away from this but I clearly remember seeing this PSA when I was a kid It's not surprising that the image of a beautiful Yvonne Craig might stick in a young boy's memory, … Continue reading Holy Act of Congress!