Some debate comments

Bottom line.

10:30 Not a single vote has changed tonight, this race is over better get used to saying President Romney folks.

10:23 Whenever this spins to the economy it is bad for the White House

10:16 Bad move by the president pivoting to economy, another slow pitch for Romney to hit out

10:12 Debate has started to backslip again

10:01 The president playing the flip flop card, not a bad tactic, but would have been more effective if he started in 1st debate to establish this theme.

9:59 The President talking about travels less effective, Romney landing some solid blows now.

9:57 The point “you skipped Israel and the countries noticed” was devastating.

9:54 The green revolution statement is important, the media gave it short shift

9:50 I’m not seeing anything so far that will change the race tonight

9:44 Is it just me or does that horses and “we have aircraft carriers” business sound condensing?

9:33 That was a slow pitch over the plate from the president, and Mitt just hit it out: I don’t want to see for the next four years what I saw the last four years. Just what he needs, and ties the 5 point plan to foreign issues pretty well with the Latin America connection.

9:32 The “never stronger alliances” just doesn’t fly, but Mitt seems to be playing prevent tonight so far or is it just me?

9:27 Am I the only guy who can’t tell these two guys apart so far?

9:17 Rather quiet exchange to this point other than the small barbs

9:12 The line concerning 50’s 20’s 80’s is cute but pretending Russia is not a threat considering they have supported the bad guys consistently is nonsense.

9:09 The path is to get the Muslim world to reject extremism on its own. That will be very hard.

9:08 The President’s answer in terms of what he did in Libya, is patently false. However the back story concerning Libya is correct.

9:06 Rather long Answer by Romney on the first question

Realville: The 72% Delusion

I’ve already talked about the nonsense concerning equal pay laws pointing to the 1970’s Batman PSA to remind us all that equal pay for Equal work has been the law of the land for almost two generations.

But let’s pretend for the sake of argument that Yes there has been a grand conspiracy afoot and women do indeed make only 72% of men for the same work.

If we stipulate this as a fact lets note three important points.

1. The Economy is as bad as it ever has been in my lifetime, I don’t think it’s as bad as the great depression but I believe it is worse than the late 70’s which was the worst I remembered before now. (In fairness I didn’t have the responsibilities then that I have now)

2. In a tough economy business’ trying to survive find themselves forced to work on smaller and smaller profit margins.

3. Talk to any business owner and they will tell you the single biggest expense they deal with is labor, in fact the incredible costs of labor is the reason why so few people are being hired.

So for the last four years we’ve been in mired in a horrible economy with businesses forced to cut margins any way they can simply to survive.

Yet women have borne the brunt of the job loss in this economy

Here is the question: If you are a business owner in the worst economy in decades who is cutting your bottom line to the bone in order to try to preserve some kind of margin, wouldn’t you be the women who are being paid less and laying off the men who are making more? In fact aren’t you replacing the higher paid men with these women that you can supposedly get for 72 cents on the dollar?

But DaTechGuy, you KNOW these evil discriminatory business would not let money get in the way of their prejudices.

If that was the case then prejudice against Mexicans would have kept jobs from moving south of the border and bigotry against Chinese would have kept jobs from Asia.

You can’t have it both ways, either these guys are greedy businessmen who would throw grandma off the cliff to make an extra buck or they are bigots of such incredible proportion that they are willing, in an age when interest rates for investments are at best 1 or 2% a full 28 cents on the dollar just to satisfy their own hatred of women.

Liz Foley has it backwards on Obama Fundraising Screening

We’ve talked in the past about the Obama’s campaign’s fundraising and the trouble at the DNC is having concerning it.

At Instapundit Elizabeth Price Foley says the following:

Several reports over the weekend show that the Obama campaign is doing a horrible job at screening out/preventing illegal foreign donations.

Elizabeth you are totally missing the point, you are assuming that it is the goal of the Obama Campaign to screen out illegal donations.

The goal of the campaign is not to obey the law and screen out these donation, the goal is to accept as much money as possible that can not be positively proven to be illegal.

As I said in one of my very first posts, any Tech Guy knows the difference between a bug and a feature, this is a feature. As Instapundit reader Steve Nelson said in 2008:

Notice the problem with Obama’s websites?

Neither he nor his staff is censoring the comments…. but they’ve set the site up to allow others to do so.

Neither he nor his staff asked for any illegal foreign contributions, or for contributions from obviously false donors….. they just disabled the standard controls and credit card checks to allow it to happen.

They didn’t have any ties to whacky characters with extreme ideas…. but the campaign website allowed anyone to set up a “blog” and put out the propaganda.

In each case, Obama and his staff were careful to leave no directly illegal / unethical fingerprints of their own….. but they sure made it easy for “supporters unknown” to do so through their IT systems.

Deniability — it’s built right in.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion and to say it openly, but when it comes to the Obama Administration we are simply not dealing with honorable people. To this administration the ends always justifies the means.

Bottom line these guys are Marxists and as we’ve said many times if you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect sense.