RoadTrip report FishKill NY 8:58 PM

Arrived in Fishkill and gave a call to Zilla of the Resistance to say I was somewhere in the area, talked to her husband and found out she is in the hospital, called her there and she sounded awful. I’ll stop by in the morning as visiting hours are done, I’m sure Nan Hayworth’s HQ in the area will still be there afterwards. (I wonder what the people who say Zilla isn’t real or isn’t sick will say about that?)

Please consider hitting her tip jar and saying a prayer for her.

As for the trip I’ve got a pretty decent wi-fi so I was Finally able to upload this very good interview with a MaMahon Supporter from my first stop

After I stopped at the McDonalds The Ray Kroc Memorial Media Center where I I took this picture…

…of a lady of the left who hoped my prediction for the election was incorrect I headed to another McMahon Office in Torrington CT where I found one other McMahon Satellite office.

Although I was pleased to find the office of congressional candidate Andrew Roraback next door and the office of the local GOP there in the same block

I found the Much cooler Jeff’s records and collectible with an incredible selection of classic vinyl

but more on that later. At the McMahon HQ I noticed an inordinate amount of young people working in the office on the phone, a good sign for the campaign.

However I still couldn’t get permission to talk to anyone officially.

At the Roraback office they were tied up in a meeting so I shot some swag

and waited, when one of the ladies from the GOP office came by, she consented to an interview so I went down to her office and talked to her

She is exactly the type of person you need to make a campaign succeed a person deep into the grass-roots who gives a ton of her time.

I returned briefly to the Roraback office and managed to meet the candidate.

He deserves more attention that I can give him in this post from there I headed off to NY finally stopping in Fishkill just south of Poughkeepsie where I met Rob.

Rob In college majoring in Social Work going for master, he’s working full-time ( I won’t say where) while studying, so he’s definitely in touch with how to get ahead.

He’s a social liberal supporting Gay marriage and “equal pay” (I put that in quotes because that has been the law for two generations how the left managed to sell it otherwise is beyond me). Although he has not been shy about working hard to get his education he doesn’t think students should have to do all they do to acquire it. As he put it:

“Why should I have to go bankrupt to get an education?”

Yet Rob has been sensible, he put in two years in a community college to cut costs and transferring over.

He thinks the mess we’ve been in was not fixable in four years but looks at the economy figuring things could be worse, no matter who wins eventually the economy will turn around. He has faith in the he put it:

“The United States has a history of achieving the impossible.”

Although we didn’t agree on a lot I certainly agree with that.

So now it’s 11:26 and I’m about to crash, tomorrow we’ll visit Zilla then it’s off to check out NY congressional races. Will Romney take the GOP freshmen over the line with him, lets find out in the morning and beyond.

Farmington Ct 2:48 PM Ray Kroc Memorial Media Center

the first top on my Road trip was Framington Ct The talk on the radio was about the latest from the Linda McMahon Senate campaign in Connecticut where in Scott Brown like fashion she is touting her bi-partisan support.

In a state were Democrats have a majority that might be necessary but the question is will it play in the state?

To find out I stopped at the Farmington CT. at a Linda McMahon campaign office

they had great swag

I couldn’t get official comments from the campaign but I did interview a fellow named Rob who was a volunteer, he was very solidly behind McMahon with Jobs as his #1 issue (if the video uploads before I’m done here I’ll include it in this post)

At the Farmingham McDonalds Ray Kroc memorial media center I got a different reaction from a fellow by the name of Joe:

This dyed in the wool Democrat and MSNBC viewer express mistrust of both Linda McMahon and of Mitt Romney. He was particularly concerned with Romney’s flops over the years ( a weakness the Obama campaign frankly did a poor job exploiting) He also believes that subsidies to the bottom of the ladder will be more stimulative as the poor tend to spend most of the money they have due to necessity.

I asked him what he hoped from either presidential candidate if they won

If Obama wins…would like to see more jobs, he believe the market is opening up and sees improvements on the way.

If Romney wins he wants three things:

1. don’t touch medicare
2. Don’t touch SS
3. If he follow through on middle class tax cuts

As I suspect it will be Mitt’s race we’ll see how it goes.

My next stop will be one more McMahon local before heading toward NY 18 and Zilla of the resistance, I wonder if I’ll see more signs like this one on the way?


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Is Richard Tisei catching “Scozzafever”?

Richard Tisei seemed poised to score a win over John “Taxes? What Taxes?” Tierney in a race that would add at least one GOP seat to the Massachusetts House delegation.

There is no question that Tisei is a better choice than Tierney who frankly had no business being re-elected in 2010, but Mr. Tisei has started to show signs of catching the dreaded GOP disease Scozzafever!

Scozzafever is an illness that spreads among members of the GOP that want to be loved by the MSM. Symptoms include public disdain for the GOP caucus, allergic reactions to all things grass-roots or tea party (except fundraising dollars) and the obsessive need to go before the cameras to attack the party. The disease is most common among Gay or pro-abortion republicans but prolonged exposure to the national media in DC can cause this disease to strike the most stalwart member of the party over time.

In its most advanced stages Scozzafever (Sometimes referred to as Huntsman’s disease) causes the victim refer to his own party as Knuckleheads and to appear on cable networks as a regular guest supposedly “representing” his party in the eyes of the viewers while spending his entire appearance attacking the very caucus that he is a part of.

Once out of public office victims of Scozzafever tend to find themselves as regular contributors to MSNBC whenever it is necessary to have a “republican” on set however this symptom only manifests itself after a successful election or a presidential campaign.

When signs of Scozzafever appear Republicans need to take special care, while it is always better to have that extra seat the question becomes: Will the advantage of that single house seat be sufficient to compensate for the damage a single victim of Scozzafever can do to the party?

This is a disease that can be beaten, but one who has been hit with said symptoms has to be willing to publicly shake them off, in this case Richard Tisei has one advantage, he has first hand experience on how hitting social conservative positions can turn a winnable race into a disaster. After all that’s why it is Mr. Tisei not Lt. Gov Tisei running for national office.

The National Party backed Dede, and Charlie Crist and was burned twice, let’s hope that their support of Tisei means the 3rd times the charm.

Have Fedora Will Travel first CT then NY shortly

As I make my first stop on my road trip that will take me through several districts with GOP freshmen.

I’m planning to hit one or two McMahon HQ and see if I can find a few people to talk to concerning this race before heading north, (OK I’m thinking south but only thinking it still only $25 kicked in to cover this trip so far

The Latest Q-Pac poll has come out and it shows Linda McMahon leading among Independents 50-41 while both Democrats and Republicans support their respective candidates by overwhelming numbers.

However in this Deep blue state and a D+14 sample

LIKELY VOTERS……..Weighted UnWeighted  Percent Frequency
Republican                           21%          304
Democrat                             35              511
Independent                         40             553
Other/DK/NA                        4                44

McMahon trails by 6 49-43 against Chris Murphy Meaning she is over performing the sample by 8 points with two weeks to go.

But DaTechGuy you say wasn’t the last poll two weeks ago tied? (McMahon 48-47 over Murphy?)

Yet it was, lets look at that sample from the previous poll

LIKELY VOTERS……..Weighted UnWeighted  Percent Frequency
Republican                        23%           388
Democrat                          34               570
Independent                      38               669
Other/DK/NA                     5                  69

Hmmm sample D+11 That would certainly reverse a 1 pt poll fairly easy. Strangely enough McMahon was still up 9 among Independents.

The real question in this election is the same in a sense as Massachusetts, in a deep blue state (although not as deep as Massachusetts) can a candidate peel of enough dems to make a difference?

I hope to find that out.

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Will President Romney have a GOP to vote with him, we’ll find out