Subscription Commentary Tease: Courage and Narcissism

This weeks commentary talks about laying down the law and using my Son's friends as a backdrop: The full commentary is available here. If you wish to see it here is how: If you want the code simply hit DaTipJar and I'll send you the code as soon as I see the confirmation e-mail. If … Continue reading Subscription Commentary Tease: Courage and Narcissism

…but the real example is set by Catherine White

who are out in the trenches every day. Catherine works full-time AND speaks to tea party groups on the Constitution Rand Paul and men like him are important but it's the Catherine Whites of the world that make the difference in the long-term.

Rand Paul Set a Radical Example…

Potter: But if you haven't spent all of this year's budget why send the surplus back to Washington? D'Angelo: Number #1 Washington loves to get money, they're always giving it away, you send a bureaucrat back there a check he'll spin in his chair for an hour. After Mash 1983 Right now Washington is going … Continue reading Rand Paul Set a Radical Example…

The Obama Hofstadter Gambit

My name is Dr Leonard Hofstadter and I could never please my parents so I need to get all my self-esteem from strangers like you. (pointing at Sheldon) But he's worse! The Big Bang Theory: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization 2008 One of the things that I'm asked an awful lot by people is: "How could the … Continue reading The Obama Hofstadter Gambit