Miracle Baby Dies

Raizy and Nathan Glauber, both 21 and newlyweds, called a cab to take them to the hospital.  Raizy was seven months pregnant and was experiencing complications; her husband accompanied her to the hospital. On the way there, their cab was hit by a BMW, travelling at least 60 mph, with such force that Raizy was ejected from the car.  Americans cheered as surgeons were able to deliver her baby by C-section.  Tragically, that baby boy died hours ago.  (News stories here, here, here, here, and here, for starters.)

I have nothing against cheering for the survival of that little boy, and then mourning his passing – he is the third person that died in the accident.  But the moral schizophrenia is amazing.  There are no calls to term the baby boy a  “lump of tissue” or “not yet a person”.  No one thinks any mourners are crazy for being saddened by his loss. Yet, it would have been legal for Raizy Glauber to abort him; four Supreme Court justices believe that it would have been her constitutional right to do so, for any reason or no reason at all.  Doctors who saved his life – if even for a day – are lauded as heroes, while those who attempt to save other little babies of the same age are termed violent, right-wing, woman-hating, anti-choice lunatics.

There are heartbreaking times in which a woman must choose between her self and her child – situations in which only one will emerge alive.  That we may allow abortion in that instance is not a launching pad for abortion that borders on infanticide; it is a reflection on our understanding that such extreme circumstances allow for unusual exceptions to the law.  We would not say, “If conjoined twins are to separate, and the operation goes wrong, the one on the left must be left alive, and the one on the right would die,” because we know those people are equal.  The same rationale leads us to forbid killing the twin on the right based on the whims of the twin on the left: they are equal, so one may not slaughter the other.  The pro-abortion logic, however, starts with the extreme cases of dying women and dying babies, then tries to say that women may kill their children so as to avoid moving to Staten Island and shopping for mayo at Costco.

As a final thought to how schizophrenic our culture is, Jennifer Morbelli was nine weeks further along in her pregnancy than was Raizy Glauber; the death of Mrs. Morbelli was ignored by the media, but Mrs. Glauber’s death was front-page news.  Mrs. Glauber may be a crime victim; police are still investigating.  Likewise, Morbelli may have been the victim of a crime, or medical negligence; police are still investigating.  Both women were in their twenties, in the third trimester with wanted babies.  Both women had their names and photos splashed across the news, although it took much longer for the mainstream media to acknowledge Morbelli’s death.   It is not clear how the media got its detailed information about Raizy Glauber’s death nor the birth of her baby boy; it is entirely possible that someone violated HIPAA or other privacy laws to make that information public.  (The NYT article implies that an EMT at the scene spoke with bystanders.) Yet some people are making themselves semi-famous by trashing those who write about Jennifer Morbelli, and maintain absolute silence about the privacy rights of the entire Glauber family.

Schizophrenic, really.

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And Join us next week as we have Pam Geller and Robert Spencer join us concerning his removal as a speaker at the Catholic Men’s Conference and her inability to get a room for her Annual event at CPAC.

It all takes place at Noon Saturday on AM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord or 970 WESO in Southbridge, the Money Matter Radio Network. You can listen via TuneIn as well as FTR radio online.

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This weekend I sat for an extended interview with Mike Rogers of Granite Grok.

In between lunch and the filming Mike gave me a short interview as well

Make sure you don’t miss Granite Grok it is THE web site for information on NH politics period!

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Pam Geller, unwelcome at CPAC Welcome at DaTechGuy on DaRadio

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill

Years from now if they’re successful and they have control of this country, there will be no free meeting, there will be no free speech, there will be no freedom expression and guess what you will have been complicit in this because you were too much of a coward to take a stand

Allen West at Pam Geller’s event CPAC 2010

One of my first memories of my first CPAC in 2010 sitting being in the lobby and noticing a particular fellow.

He seemed to be watching everything, noticing every single person walking by, every movement people made. It didn’t take long for him to notice me noticing him and I approached him to ask him a few questions. He declined.

I presumed he was either event security or hotel security and filed him away for future reference.

A few days later due to unforseen circumstances I found myself late to the standing room only Pam Geller’s CPAC event. It would be my introduction to Col Allen West who the entire country and Conservative Movement would know soon.

While Allen West impressed me Simon Deng shocked me when he told the crowd of his life in slavery in Africa in the 21st Century. I interviewed him with Barbara Espinsoa later

as the event was winding down, and I was copying my files to my laptop I looked around and noticed that same fellow I saw before escorting Pam out of the venue, realizing he wasn’t security for the event or the hotel, but security for Pam.

That’s when I understood exactly what Pam Geller does and what she risks.

I would see that same man again at Pam Geller’s CPAC 2011 event with Ground Zero families and was astonished to hear about NY city counselors who were willing to be privately with the 9/11 families but afraid to be publicly with them.

I noticed something interesting:

This event was scheduled at the same time as a Ron Paul event directly across of it. I don’t think this was a coincidence. Pamela fearlessness in speaking openly about things that others would like to forget makes some uncomfortable

A year later I would see that man again as I squeezed my way into Pam packed CPAC 2012 event and I noticed another oddity

When I finally figured out where the McKinney Room was I had to talk my way into it because there was simply no room and I only come in wide body.

There is no single room at the Windham harder to find than the McKinley room it was as if CPAC was doing it’s best to hide Pam’s event but it was still overflowing and amazing. I also met J Christian Adams for the first time.

Funny how so many of these people end up at PJ Media.

Well this year CPAC has moved to a new location and it would seem it is simply not possible to hide Pam’s event or counter program Pam’s event so they’ve decided to simply exclude her.

This year, I applied to speak and was ignored. I tried to get a room for an AFDI event, “The War on Free Speech,” and was ignored. So, for the first time in five years, I won’t be at CPAC. Last year Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

This has sparked justifiable outrage In one respect this is a testament to the effectiveness of what Pam does.

Think about this for a moment: A single woman has for a decade fought a fight that others have refused to make:

How easy would it be for her to just give in?

How simple would it be to pocket the Saudi money?

Now easy would it be to just go silent?

How nice would it be, to be invited to the parties?

How pleasant would it be to no longer be insulted or called a bigot?

How relaxing would it be to have the great and the powerful not use the full weight of their strength to silence her.

How nice would it be to be able to travel without that bodyguard?

A lot of people talk about being held down, about being oppressed, about taking risks for freedom, in reality very few people actually take physical risks to fight for freedom.  Pam Geller does.

This is the price Pam Geller has paid to protect every single damn one of us. How do you repay a debt like that?

Well this Saturday I had Robert Spencer scheduled for my show to talk about his exclusion from the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference, Pam Geller is going to join him on the show to make her case. Tune in at Noon EST on FTR Radio or the Money Matters Radio Network AM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord or 970 WESO in Southbridge.

In closing the words I said after viewing a Pam Geller event for the first time at CPAC remains true today:

This is the single most important issue facing this nation and if it is ignored we will suffer for it and deservedly so. I can’t say enough about the courage and dedication of Ms. Geller. She is an international treasure!

When we are dead and gone if there is any justice in the word she will be remembered for this.


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