No Irish, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Sicilians …

An interesting trial is going on in NY. The story started a few years ago

A criminal complaint was unsealed yesterday in the Eastern District of New York charging Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, age 21 and a U.S. citizen and resident of Hawaii, with making false statements in a matter involving international terrorism. Shehadeh was arrested on Friday, October 22, in Honolulu, Hawaii. At his initial appearance yesterday at the United States Courthouse in Honolulu, Shehadeh was ordered detained and consented to being removed to the Eastern District of New York for further proceedings.

the charges:

According to the complaint, several weeks after Shehadeh was denied entry to Pakistan, he attempted to enlist in the United States Army at the Times Square recruiting station in New York City. Shehadeh’s application was denied when it was discovered that he had concealed his prior trip to Pakistan. Although Shehadeh claimed that he attempted to enlist for career opportunities and benefits, the complaint alleges that his true motive was to deploy to Iraq, where he intended to desert and fight against the United States military alongside Iraqi insurgent forces.

In addition, the complaint alleges that Shehadeh created and administered multiple websites dedicated to spreading violent jihadist ideology. The content of these websites included, among other things, speeches from known al Qaeda leaders such as Abu Yahya al-Libi and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

So we have a home grown jihadi coming to trial and his lawyer has a special request:

An attorney has hatched a shocking scheme to defend an accused terrorist in Brooklyn federal court: Purge the Jews.

Lawyer Frederick Cohn will ask a judge today to bar Jews from the jury hearing the case against Abdel Hameed Shehadeh

Via Yid with Lid who says:

That is not what our Justice system is about. We are supposed to be judged by a jury of our peers (twelve people who cannot get out of Jury Duty). They are asked if they can be fair and their answers (under oath) are assumed to be true (and usually are) no matter the race creed or political affiliation. The saddest part of it all is only a Jew would make such a charge against fellow Jews.

Imagine if this was the trial of Meir Kahane for making bombs, would we have excluded Russians or Muslims? Shall we exclude evangelical Christians if a Gay man is on Trial or a Gay Man if it’s reversed. Shall Tea Party members be excluded if an occupod is on trial or the reverse. Should people who support Gun Control be excluded from trials involving shootings, etc etc etc.

Today Michael Graham is having a contest concerning headlines on the Economy titled It’s “You Write The Headline…If BUSH Were President” Contest Time! lets consider a variation on this.

Imagine if this lawyer demanded no blacks or gays on a jury. What headlines would we see from the MSM? It would be top of the fold news and rightly so.

But no Jews? Do a google search on the story and note the absence of most of the Mainstream media in the links.

Move on, nothing to see here.

SF Press Conference AFDI Update

Yesterday after talking to Stephanie Ong Stillman the Director of communications of the SF DA’s office and finding the SF press conference while condemning Pam Geller’s ads, was not going to be condemning either the quotes in the ads or the people who said them I was in a big hurry to do two things before the 4 PM press conference.

1. Get my post up

2. Get the word out to other bloggers before the press conference.

Why? Because I imagined that given the conversation we had the people involved were bound to include at least a “pro-forma” condemnation of the quotes themselves and the people who said them as a throwaway line. As Robert Spencer later put it:

It would have been easy to throw in a line about deploring the “twisted version of Islam” enunciated by the jihadis depicted in the ads

and I wanted to be sure that the refusal to condemn those words initially was on the record first.

Pam managed to get something up before the conference but with short notice nobody else did.

So today I looked for coverage of the story to see if they anyone reported any such condemnation. To my surprise I found very little coverage of the event itself, perhaps SF city officials condemn so many things so often maybe it just isn’t news, but I did find a little bit of coverage, first, the Virginia Gazette covered the story:

Some critics of the ads say a case could be made for the city to refuse to carry such messages on its buses on the grounds they violate the Metropolitan Transportation Agency policy against running “false, misleading or deceptive” advertising.

But MTA spokesman Paul Rose said doing so would likely embroil the financially beleaguered agency in a costly and possibly futile legal fight.

Well considering the ads are direct quotes from people who said them, the whole “false, misleading or deceptive” business is a problem.

The Gazette doesn’t say there was any condemnation either the quotes themselves, or the people who said them originally. So lets check the SF gate piece:

City leaders including Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascón and Supervisors David Chiu, John Avalos, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener and Norman Yee immediately condemned the advertisements as racist and “Islamophobic.”

“These offensive ads serve no purpose than to denigrate our city’s Arab and Muslim communities,” said Gascón.

Nope guess not. Their refusal to condemn the words themselves or the people who spoke the says volumes, but there is one thing they are doing right:

The transit agency will also run its own “Peace” ad campaign that will appear inside 100 buses and feature messages against discrimination and promoting respect and love.

That’s fine, answering speech you dislike with more speech is the American way, and by a coincidence exactly what AFCI did.

Locally SF channel 5 lead with the story:

The report does acknowledge the quotes are from terrorists and includes commentary from Pam but still we don’t see if any of the assembled city officials were outraged by the word and the people who said them in addition to the AFDI ads.

The Bottom line, these people had a perfect chance to show that they, while objecting to the AFDI ads, did not support the statements within, it would have been the easiest thing in the world. It would have been both the right thing, and the smart thing.

It didn’t happen.

Final thought. Stephanie Ong Stillman the Director of communications who talked to me, is not likely the person making the decisions. She is the press contact. She was polite and answered questions when she could have blown me off. Several post on the subject include her contact info, if you choose to call to object remember be nice, this wasn’t her call. It’s not just the smart thing, it’s the right thing.

When Did the Professional Left Sell their Souls?

Sonny: Where’re you going?
Michael: To the City.
Sonny: Yeah? Well, send somebody with him.
Michael: No, I’m just gonna go see Pop.
Sonny: I don’t care, send some bodyguards with him.
Clemenza: He’ll be all right. Sollozzo knows he’s a civilian.

The Godfather 1972

Well it looks like last week a rather bright line was crossed in the Saga of Brett KImberlin and company and Aaron Walker Wife. Our story begins on March 1st.

The hearing was to take place in courtroom five and near the waiting area, there was a large wall of glass. The glass was darker on the outside than on the inside, so it was not quite one way, but it was much easier to see out than in. I was returning from the clerk’s office and my wife was sitting with her back to the glass wall, when I saw Kimberlin standing right behind her.

Just to remind you, Kimberlin is the Speedway Bomber who served 17 years of a fifty year sentence for blowing someone up.

Well it could just be a coincidence but Walker being a sensible man decided to get her out of there while he took care of his business so she went back to the car, but while he (Walker) was inside…

So as he came back towards his car, he decided to make a detour and started to approach my car as though to do… something. He came within a foot of it with his hand reached out. We are uncertain of what his intentions were, but given we are talking about a convicted bomber, you can draw your own conclusions. My wife watched this happen from the passenger seat and started emailing and calling me, trying to get my attention. But where I was sitting in the building—near the security station—had terrible reception. So I didn’t get the calls at all, and the emails didn’t come for a long time.

So Kimberlin approached the car as if to do something to it. Then he looked into the passenger side mirror and his eyes locked with my wife’s. He proceeded to go around the car in a rectangular pattern, sometimes approaching sometimes going away, looking into its interior and at my wife. Then he walked away back to his car, which you will remember was right behind ours.

He drove around and then parked in the space directly facing my wife. He then lifted his phone and started taking pictures or filming her. My wife took a picture of him doing so with her own camera. Then he retreated to another part of the parking lot to watch.

This is what we of the Sicilian race call “crossing a line”

A week later there was a second court date. Mr. Walker wife, shaken and now armed (much to the disappointment of Rep Schakowsky I’m sure) did not attend but John Hoge was there

Mr. Hoge observed Kimberlin coming into the parking lot and driving around it, and then leaving and called me to tell me he had done that. We arrived close to 1 p.m. and by then Kimberlin had arrived a second time. I saw his face and my friend who was driving found a place to kind of “hide in plain sight.” Kimberlin was apparently looking so hard for Virginia tags, he literally didn’t see us. He then left a few minutes later. Mr. Hoge captured him on video doing this and published a still from the video on the web.

And this is key. Kimberlin didn’t even get out of his car. So there was no question that he was only there to stalk me.

Personally I disagree, I suspect he was there to stalk his wife if she was present again. Just to remind you if you’ve forgotten:

on the morning of July 29, 1978, a man shot Julia Scyphers dead, in a crime that investigators believed was a murder for hire.

Nobody ever said Kimberlin himself shot her, but his conflict with Mrs. Scyphers over the Barton girl made him the only person with a motive to wish her dead and he soon came under suspicion by detectives. A few weeks later, a weeklong series of bombings struck the small Indiana town and, when Kimberlin was apprehended for those otherwise unexplained explosions, police believed they understood the connection: The bombings had been a ill-conceived effort by Kimberlin to distract police whom he knew to be investigating the Scyphers murder.

Well I’m sure that story is a comfort to Aaron Walker.

What amazes me is that this fellow gets loyalty from people, even people like Rauhauser & Schmalfeldt. Stacy Again:

Attempts to suppress the truth tend to have the opposite effect in the New Media age.

What is the truth that Brett Kimberlin so desperately wants to suppress? Just read this: “When Jessica Was 10, 11, 12 . . .”

When the pro-Kimberlin trolls get up in my face on Twitter, I just start Tweeting out that link, and pretty soon, they get out of my face. Why? Because calling attention to someone who tells the truth about Kimberlin sort of defeats the purpose of the Kimberlin fanboy trolls.

And so, truth! truth! truth! What happened to Julia Scyphers?

People wonder why this story is so important, it’s simple. You have foundation of the family of the Secretary of State, a leading Hollywood liberal and the Tides foundation funding a convicted bomber as he stalks the wife of a political foe.  Somehow this sounds like something I just watched on TV Sunday….

AUSA Lawrence:  Come on!  You are a mother, I mean what if this happened to your kids?

Judge: OK, Intimidating witnesses is a disbariable offense, you know that.  It’s also illegal.  I’m not saying it happened, I’m not saying anything, other than.  If you have any knowledge of any such intimidation or if you so much as wink at it, you are subject to arrest!

Alicia Florick:  I do understand that.

Judge:  Good then everyone can go.

AUSA Lawrence:  (to Alicia)  When did you sell your soul?

The Good wife March 10th 2013

These men are simply evil, but just as evil if not more are the people who are funding them and enabling them and perhaps a media unwilling to cover their actions.

That Kimberlin, a criminal bomber with a history of stalking, acts like a criminal bomber with a history of stalking does not amaze. That anyone on the left is willing to defend and fund him, that does!

One final thought, with all due respect to Aaron Walker, he is a very small piece in the political puzzle. If Tides, Streisand, the Secretary of State of the United States wife and others who have funded Kimberlin and his crowd in the past and whoever is funding him now are willing to financially enable these actions against a man as insignificant as Aaron Walker, who is safe?

Olimometer 2.52

Monday demonstrated that you can break a national story with a telephone and the willingness to ask a few questions. That’s one of the reasons why I can get by on only $300 and 15 people kicking in $20 every seven days.

Yesterday one of those 15 kicked in getting us to $20. Only 14 more to go this week!

Brett Kimberlin has the Tides Foundation, Barbara Streisand and the wife of the Secretary of State writing 5 figure checks, I have you, and hopefully 13 others willing to part with an Andrew Jackson.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind if a big foundation would write a four or five-figure check, but I don’t see it likely. After all I’m not willing to stalk the wives and families of people I disagree with.