Ted Cruz and his Father

There are a lot of words to say about Ted Cruz’s speech (I’ll have my video from the foot of the stage once I’m home with quicker internet) but there is something quick I want to get on the record quickly before we board the plane.

During his speech Ted Cruz referenced his father, and the hard work he did to provide for his family. He pointed out Mr. Cruz senior to the crowd who applauded many of them going to him.

Senator Cruz has a lot of achievement ahead of him and I plan on writing about them over the next few days but If I had to pick a person to be jealous of at CPAC it would be Mr. Cruz the elder.

When a man works hard to get ahead he dreams of many things from creature comforts to an easier life, and the ability to get and do the things he wants.

When a FATHER works hard, he dreams of supporting his family, and of giving his children the example to live and work by.

When Mr. Cruz sat in that crowd and saw his son speaking to the crowd he it was a special moment, because it meant all he had worked for was worth it.

I have two sons, I hope and pray that if I’m fortunate enough to live to the elder Mr. Cruz’s age, I can say the same.

Well done!