The most important story from CPAC nobody noticed

In my last non-CPAC post I talked about a trap involving the Pope and the media but in order to even consider that statement there is a story from CPAC that must be told.

Big events like CPAC have a lot of big moments, speeches from former candidates for president, authors, groups, A list reporters. There is nowhere you could look and not see a significant story, but sometimes the story is right in front of you and nobody sees it.

One of the things I’ve noticed about many in the media is they seem not to notice the staff at locations. Maybe they’re too busy doing their jobs, maybe they run in such elite crowds that the guy who brings them tea or a can of diet mountain dew just doesn’t matter.

Since I’m invariably one of the first guys up and in the room while staff is setting up I always talk to staff, introduce myself and generally become friendly. It not only is the right thing to do but the people working at a hotel or a venue are the one who are best able to take care of you in a crisis or if you just want that can of diet Mountain Dew.

The Gaylord Hotel has a huge stall and the non-security people have one interesting feature that I’ve seen on cruse ships. Every single member of the staff at the Gaylord had their country or state if they were American on their name badges. While I was there I noticed that an overwhelming majority of particularly the waitstaff seemed to come from south of the border.

Now I normally ask waitstaff their opinions on issues. At the Scott Brown victory party in 2010 I interviewed the bartenders before the vote came in, at the old Windham there was a fellow in Egypt there taking care of the bloggers lounge and he game me excellent info on what was going on , but at CPAC 2013 there was a ready-made issue to ask a largely Hispanic staff.

The day before CPAC began Pope Francis I formerly a cardinal in Argentina became the first pope from the Americas and more importantly the first pope from Latin America, this provided a ready-made reason for conversation.

I asked every single staff member from the Western Hemisphere who came from south of Florida or Texas what they thought of the new Pope. To a man and woman they answered the same. It didn’t matter that he was the son of Italian immigrants, it didn’t matter that he was from a different country than them, it didn’t even matter if the person I was talking to was Catholic or not. They LOVED the Pope, was proud of the pope and considered him one of them. Nothing else mattered. Pope Francis was their Pope, PERIOD end of story!

There are a fair amount of devout mass going Roman Catholics at CPAC every year. Politically they likely have very little in common with the waitstaff at the Gaylord particularly in a state as blue as Maryland , but every Catholic I talked to who was familiar with the Pope’s record as Cardinal felt the same way.

“But DaTechGuy”, you might ask, “what’s the big deal, so they like this Pope, that’s not a big story.” Ah but it is and I’ll explain a little deeper in Holy Week.

Pope Francis the Gay Marriage Media Wildcard

In every age, man has thought he could take the place of God and determine for himself what is good and what is evil (cf. Gen 3:5) without reference to his Creator and Saviour. He has thought himself omnipotent, capable of excluding God from his own life and from that of his peers, in the name of reason, power or money.

Today too, the world bows to realities that seek to expel God from human life, such as the blind secularism that suffocates the values of faith and morals in the name of an alleged defence of man; or the violent fundamentalism that claims to be defending religious values

Text for Pope Francis’ The Way of the Cross


As the same time the mainstream media basks in their embrace of a possible (or probable) supreme court decision redefining marriage four thousand miles away in Vatican city news is being made:

Francis, who has broken the mould with his informal approach and unscheduled walkabouts, will conduct next week’s Maundy Thursday service in a prison for young offenders on the outskirts of Rome.

The service is normally held either in St Peter’s Basilica or in the Church of St John in Lateran, which is the Pope’s church in his capacity as Bishop of Rome.

Instead Francis, who was the archbishop of Buenos Aires before being chosen as Pope in a secret conclave in the Sistine Chapel last week, will hold the service in the Casal del Marmo jail.

There he is expected to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates, in a gesture that commemorates Jesus’s humility towards his disciples before the Last Supper, on the night before he was crucified.

The media all over the place (rightly) are celebrating this act by the new Pope as a sign of both his humility and his mission of service to the poor and least among us blissfully unaware that such acts while not common at the Vatican are not uncommon all over the world, as Matthew Kelly reminded us at the Catholic Men’s Conference a few years ago:

Yet while the head of the Catholic Church is being lionized, those who follow the faith and it’s doctrine are being marginalized by that very same MSM if they fail to go along with “gay marriage”. As panels on TV devoid of those in opposition suggest judges base their ruling on their fears of an unfavorable wikipedia entry Francis plods on building good will through his deeds and is likely to continue to do this for weeks or perhaps months before this subject comes up

Sooner or later however the subject of Gay Marriage and the Treatment of institutions faithful to the church’s teachings on the subject and when this happens the media will change and a new dynamic will be introduced into the great culture war debate that nobody has foreseen.

What dynamic do I mean…. stay tuned.

Justice and Constitution via Wikipedia Entry

Today on Morning Joe came the full court press for Gay Marriage. At the table for the “republican” side is Nicole Wallace & Steve Schmidt architects of the great GOP defeat of 2008 where they don’t bother to have a single person to challenge them on their bias.

The amazingly weak arguments presented were something and Nicole Wallace claim that you could not find young conservatives at CPAC who opposed Gay Marriage was so blatantly false that only a MSNBC audience could fall for it.

The attempt to create rather than report news like the MSM ignoring the vast amounts of young people marching every January for life is independent of the reality of the situation, but while the panel blissfully ignores the consequences of the debate everyone passed over the single most egregious and outrageous statement that was made concerning the upcoming decision.

Walter Isaacson that the Supreme Court justices would make their ruling based not on what the Constitution or the law says, but on what a particular Judge might fear their Wikipedia Entry might look like in a year or two.

Run that through your head for a second, this journalist (journo-list), this acclaimed author and head of a “non-partisan” organization is suggesting that Supreme Court should rule based on the fear of what someone might put in a Wikipedia entry in a few years and not a single person at that table took exception to the concept of justice by Wikipedia Entry

Imagine for a second if things like the 1st amendment or the 2nd amendment or freedom of religion took place were decided not by the written constitution, not by law or precedent, but on the fear that someone might think of them as “not progressive enough”.

If you aren’t horrified by this, then frankly you don’t deserve the right that our forefathers fought for.

As for the inevitability of this issue, there is a wild card to be played, and that card will be deployed from 4000 miles away but that’s a different post….


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