Very Quick Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Blasts

I was napping and didn’t hear of the blast was until about an hour ago when a contractor came over to look at some rather serious repairs we need in the house.

1. The location of the blast and the timing suggests goal was a combination of casualties & cameras. If it was cameras they would have blown when the winners crossed the line, the time is more conducive of getting the average person vs messing up the race.

2. The descriptions of the devices sounds to me like IED’s Iraq style

3. Anybody who thinks they know exactly what is going on generally doesn’t know what is going on.

4. There is an early reports that a wounded Saudi National is being watched at the Hospital. I’d wait a day or two to see what happens with that before I say more there.

5. Apparently Chris Matthews hasn’t learned much from his success concerning the shootings in Texas.

6. Newtown families were at the finish line, those people must be as traumatized as you can get.

7. The hardest thing looking at the photos of people with legs blown off is to avoid giving into rage ad anger.

8 I’ve not been able to get ahold of people in Boston but I had quite a few friends there.

9. The three smartest things we can use right now are “I don’t know”

10. I hope to God we don’t have a permanent “memorial” over this. I really object to making a trophy for whoever did this.

11. Best things we can do right now is stay out-of-the-way and pray.

Update: Who wants to make pool on who will be the first person ool to blame sequester?

Press conference: ” There is no suspect, there are people we are talking to.”

Some ass actually asked if this was a false flag operation to take away civil liberties. Seriously!