Pope Francis Outs himself as Catholic: LCWR Hardest Hit

While the MSM has been busy with Boston, Texas, Thatcher Guns and Gosnell (OK not so much with the last one) an interesting story has come out of the Vatican:

it’s natural that the MSM has missed a story or two including this one from the Vatican:

Archbishop Müller informed the Presidency that he had recently discussed the Doctrinal Assessment with Pope Francis, who reaffirmed the findings of the Assessment and the program of reform for this Conference of Major Superiors.

It is the sincere desire of the Holy See that this meeting may help to promote the integral witness of women Religious, based on a firm foundation of faith and Christian love, so as to preserve and strengthen it for the enrichment of the Church and society for generations to come.

Translated, you know Pope Benedict’s move to force American Nuns to act, you know, Catholic, well that stands.

While the LA times gave it 8 paragraphs and The National Catholic Reporter let the LCWR vent at length the truth is their allies in the MSM & the Secular world (odd how their allies are always those most opposed to the church) have raised nary a peep.

Father Z asks if this is the moment the NCR turns on the Pope and the Curt Jester suggests the LCWR will lose their status rather than go along.

Neither will happen.

The NCR and those like them will not turn on the Pope until they have the full media behind them and as long as the media is wedded to Francis the meek, Francis the precedent setter and Francis the friend of the poor they will not be anxious to change the narrative. They will do their best to delay the day until he becomes loud and public in his opposition to Gay Marriage something they really care about, because when they go after him, an awful lot of Hispanic Americans will not be pleased.

The LCWR will not choose to leave the church, they will go along, slowly, struggling and resisting but they will go along. The moment they leave the church, they change from brave dissenters within the church to just another splinter group with their own set of beliefs and while the media will make a fuss the first day and maybe the first week, they would no longer be worthy of the pulpit that they would raise them on

As for the Pope he will keep making loud symbolic gestures reminding us of our duties to our fellow-man, duties we should NEVER forget that the press will highlight, while reminding us of our duty to God that the press would like us to forget.

All is proceeding as the Holy Spirit has planned

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