IRS Hearing Quick Thoughts

Very busy today with the oldest graduating tomorrow but a few general observations about today’s IRS hearings:

1. The answers given today were not the answers of a person with nothing to hide

2. If this man who is on his way out is ducking dodging and hiding today, how much more will those at the offices with direct knowledge be doing the same?

3. If today is any indication these folks are going to be lawyering up pretty quick.

4. This committee needs to be preparing for very long hearings, starting with the lowest level involved and going higher and higher.

5. Before the people at the IRS are made to testify the GOP should if possible call a person from the districts of every single member of the committee that went through this process.

6.  When you have Doug Matacoines reacting like this to what the IRS was asking:

What ever one might say about the complexities that IRS employees were faced with in trying to judge the eligibility of groups for 501(c)(4) status, I can’t think of a single justification for asking a question like this. It guts right against the grain of the 1st Amendment, it’s designed to be intimidating, and, for me at least, it puts the lie to the argument that these inquiries were not, in some sense, motivated by politics.

you know this issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

Wisely and slow guys, wisely and slow.


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Demoralized as Hell: If you do Everything Edition

He took long chances but he took them because he had to. If Grant had not had superior numbers, he might have taken chances as long as Lee took. The only way to win for Lee was with long chances, and it made him brilliant.

Shelby Foote on Robert E. Lee

For a very long time in 2011 & 2012 I was saying to anyone that would listen that the Democrats were Demoralized as hell and the GOP should “ride right through them”.

Over and over I pointed to things the Democrats in general and the Obama campaign in particular were doing that indicated they were worried.

The reason WHY the democrats were doing these things was because they knew they were in trouble and were doing all they could to counter it in order to win.

Of course while the Democrats were doing what they could control there were things that they supposedly couldn’t control and one of the things were the actions of Tea Party activists as Glenn Reynolds wrote before the last election:

In 2010, the Tea Party movement delivered a huge setback to Obama and the Democrats in congressional elections. And from 2010 up to now, it’s delivered telling blows to insufficiently responsible Republican legislators in one primary election and caucus after another. (Just ask former Utah Sen. Robert Bennett, or Indiana’s Richard Lugar, or even the victorious but chastened Orrin Hatch).

But now comes the Tea Party’s biggest test. Can it swing a close presidential election against a dependency-loving incumbent, and in favor of a fiscally responsible challenger?

People forget how scared the left actually was, let me remind you of what Michael Moore was saying DURING the Democrat convention

Listen to these quotes:

The big problem is Obama’s base is ‘Yeah I think I’m going to vote for him’ but this time four years ago everybody including myself were working on phone banks.

and this

Young people who were voting for him four years ago are not that enthused and are not working like they were four years ago.

Moore did something you don’t often see him do, give an honest assessment of a situation, acting not as a propagandist but as a realist. He said out loud what a lot of people on the left know and what the media know but are doing their best to hide.

Democrats were worried and it showed. That’s unfortunately one of the reasons why Mitt Romney’s campaign felt he could both step on his own activists while playing the Gentleman with Obama.

Let me remind you I first used the phrase on January 20th 2010 the day after Scott Brown’s victory the event that MADE the tea party.

Why does this matter because the date of the anti-tea party moves of the IRS has continued to move back:

The scrutiny began, however, in March 2010, before an uptick could have been observed, according to data contained in the audit released Tuesday from the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration…

March 2010 two months after the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts!

Anyone who thinks that timing is a coincidence is either imbecilic, insane or indoctrinated

When I commented during the election season about the Obama administration’s fear of the tea party I said:

You can’t do a damn thing about them, you can only hope to outwork them with your paid guys.

Apparently that sentence should have said was:

You can’t do a damn thing about them…unless you are a believer in the principle of “The Ends Justifies the means” and willing to use Nixon style tactics..

Lyndon Johnson famously said, if you do everything you can win, he didn’t specify “everything legal”.

I can’t say it is a fact, that Barack Obama or his campaign officially used the IRS to retard the growth and the effectiveness of the Tea Party in order to decrease their reach and effectiveness a foe on 2012, at least not yet…

…but I will say in my opinion that an Administration willing to leave Americans to die in Benghazi and frame a crummy filmmaker as responsible for it are certainly capable of it.


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