What’s the matter America, Yellow?

Helen Ramirez:  It isn’t Kane, but I’m going to tell you something about you and your friend  Kane You’re a good looking boy, you’ve got big broad shoulders,  but he is a man.  It takes more than broad shoulders to be a man Harvey and you’ve got a long way to go.  You know something I don’t think you’re going to make it.

High Noon 1952

Buford Tannen: You know what I think? Ah think you’re a gutless yella turd. And I’m giving ya to the count of 10 to come out here and prove I’m wrong. 1…

Old Timer #3: You better face up to it son, because if you don’t go out there…

Buford Tannen: 5…

Marty (Clint Eastwood) McFly: What? What if I don’t go out there?

Old Timer: You’re a coward!

Buford Tannen: 6…

Old Timer #2: And you’ll be branded a coward for the rest of your days!

Old Timer #3: Ever’ body, ever were, will say Clint Eastwood is the biggest yeller belly in the west…

Buford Tannen: 10! You hear me, runt? I said that’s ten, you gutless yella pie slinger.

Marty (Clint Eastwood) McFly: He’s an asshole! I don’t care what Tannen says! And I don’t care what anybody else says either.

Back to the Future III 1990

All week I’ve been hearing the argument from MSNBC that he have to stand behind the president or the county will lose face. Yesterday I heard the same argument from my friend Michael Graham on the radio. At his site explains why he thinks all the talk about a congressional rebellion against the president is a lot of hooey

Forget the tough anti-war talk from MA’s Rep. Jim McGovern and his liberal pals. When the time comes to vote, they will abandon their principles and vote for war. Why? Here’s a quote from Politico that sums it up:

“At the end of the day, a lot of these Democrats are going to be with the president,” said a House Democratic aide close to the issue. “Because the choice is to vote against [the Syria resolution] and turn the president into a lame duck and destroy his credibility, or swallow it and vote for something that you’re not wild about. When you’re faced with that kind of decision, most of these fence-sitters are going to come aboard.”

One correction: it won’t be “fence-sitters” who give Obama the “yes” vote he needs. It will be hard-core, partisan liberals. They need Obama to help fight their fights, protect Obamacare, push amnesty, etc. An Obama who’s humiliated internationally by a Congress that then pays not cost for it (remember, Americans oppose bombing Syria) will have achieved his “fork moment” (as in “stick one in him, he’s done”) three years before the end of his term.

Loyal Democrats won’t let that happen. And neither will about 100 Republicans in Congress who don’t want a crippled President representing Americas to the world.

Michael has a point, the left will likely go along to keep the president seemingly strong domestically for the sake of their agenda.  I don’t expect better of them.

Michael and the conservatives I know who support this war do so reluctantly because they feel it’s in the US best interest for the president to appear strong internationally or else it will embolden nations like Iran who are already threatening to attack US interests if we dare to strike Syria:

And in an unprecedented statement, a former Iranian official has warned of mass abductions and brutal killings of American citizens around the world and the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters should the United States attack Syria.

The Lonely Conservative seeing this comments

Obama’s foreign policy reminds me of a little kid kicking at hornet’s nests, with no plan for dealing with the hornet’s once they’ve been kicked.

I like and respect Michael and the others, but they’re wrong.

There are legitimate reasons to attack Syria, I’ve listed them but that doesn’t change one thing.

Barack Obama is a weak man in charge of a strong country.  No amount of missiles fired at Syria or boots on the ground when that fails, is going to change this fact nor convince our enemies  who figured this out long ago, otherwise.

But while Barack Obama is weak America is strong and America’s around the world  isn’t just our military might or our economy, it’s the strength of our character as a nation. 

If we choose to go to war to simply save the face of this feckless president we will not be projecting strength, we will be protecting weakness and that false projection will not fool anybody…

…least of all ourselves.

Update: Jonah Goldberg nails it:

In Stockholm on Wednesday, the president said that the credibility of the world, America, Congress, and the international community is on the line. Everybody is on the hook for his red line, except for the one person who actually drew it.