Why is the OFA buying ads to “save” the GOP from Ted Cruz?

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One of the basics of tactical planing is when your opponents are destroying themselves you happily get out-of-the-way and let them do it, particularly if you are in dire straights yourself.

Given the humiliations this administration has suffered lately they badly need a win. A seemingly suicidal vote by the House GOP easily swatted away by the Senate and a resulting shutdown that enrages the public would certainly fit the bill, just what the president needs.

That being the case the Democrats and their allies would of course be doing all they can to encourage their foes to take that leap and having their allies help push the GOP over that cliff yet if you spend your time watching CNN & MSNBC and to some degree on Fox  lately you hear nothing but attacks on Ted Cruz and the tea party over de-funding Obamacare.

It’s become a cacophony of cries of anger. The GOP house establishment complaining about having to vote to defend Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution to fund government, the media and the establishment joining them. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is how this is going to hurt the GOP brand run them off a cliff just before the 2014 elections and keep them from taking a vulnerable senate.

All this AM the Morning Joe crew pounded Ted Cruz and their fans. The highly intelligent folk like Eugene Robinson, Chuck Schumer & Chuck Todd beat the impending drums of doom and Establishment GOP members looking to separate the party from the base berated them for their foolishness with even some conservatives seeking MSM facetime joining in.

Given the meme of  “impending doom” for the GOP in general & the Tea Party in particular I found this rather weak ad via Huffington post a tad odd.

Despite the low quality this ad comes directly from Organizing for America, the Barack Obama campaign itself. Moreover it urges the viewer to tell house republicans “enough is enough”.

Organizing for America didn’t just run that ad once in the hopes of being picked up. It ran multiple times on MSNBC’s Morning Joe during the “morning drive” a peak viewing moment.

So let’s review:

You have Organizing for America buying time on the lead show in the lineup for the mouthpiece network of the administration and doing so where it would get the highest chance of activating a viewing activists to call congress & urge the GOP to reconsider.

It’s one thing for a network to exploit a disagreement in a party to gin up its core viewer base it’s quite another for a political organization to pay for direct ads urging the faithful to tell their political foes not to jump off a cliff and destroy itself.

That indicates that the White House understands the truth, and that truth is the House vote and the Senate votes that follow will, no matter what the final result be devastating in 2014 to Democrat prospects.

Unlike the other Obamacare votes or repeal bills the Senate can’t table it. Each Democrat running in a tough election in 2014 will have to be on the record to fund or not fund a program that the White House & MSM haven’t been able to sell to the public since before it was passed.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee know and understand this and moreover the MSM & Administration and Harry Reid does too.

That’s why they have pulled out all the stops to do all they can to prevent their allies from being in that situation or provide whatever GOP cover they can to mitigate it and some in the GOP are doing all they can to provide that cover because the one thing the establishment GOP hates more than the prospect of aiding democrats in elections is aiding a tea party’s whose core philosophy is all about restraining a government that is a source of their power and influence.

It’s that simple


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