Katie Hunt Case: Reality finally strikes

BRIAN: What’ll they do to me?
BEN: Oh, you’ll probably get away with crucifixion.
BRIAN: Crucifixion!
BEN: Yeah, first offense.

Monty Python, The Life of Brian 1979

The Kate Hunt Case has seen more twists and turns than a river in a a mountain range and finally reached the conclusion it should have had several months ago:

The Sebastian 18-year-old girl accused of having sexual relations with her 14-year-old girlfriend, has accepted the terms of her new plea deal.

Under the new deal, Kate Hunt will be released from jail December 20. She would serve probation for 3 years. Two of those years she would have to wear an ankle monitor to ensure she has no contact with her former underage girlfriend in the case.

This is how the case would have ended many months ago, and with much easier terms but as Stacy McCain tells us

So, nearly five months into this ugly public spectacle — which could have been avoided entirely, if only Kaitlyn Hunt had been willing to accept the original plea bargain — we now may be within sight of the end.

It was only because of the Hunt family’s hope of making their daughter the Jailbait Lesbian Poster Girl, a heroic martyr for gay rights, that anybody outside Indian River Count ever heard of this tawdry little mess, which ordinarily would have ended with a three-paragraph item in the local newspaper’s courts-and-cops column.

It would have been a small story but the Hunt Family decided they were going to make it into a cause célèbre and did all they could to move it in that direction, but then the facts of the case didn’t support that contention and support started fading.  And when Kate Hunt violated the terms of a court order. only the most fanatical supporters remained to protest Kate Hunt’s trip to jail.

Of course appearances must be kept up so while the Hunt family has bowed to reality before the law that doesn’t mean they have to bow to reality in practice:

Tomorrow at 11am Kate will accept the State’s plea offer that was given this week. It’s been a long, painful 8 months but after much prayer and counsel Kate has decided to take the plea offer. It’s not right, it’s not fair and it’s not just but gives her her life back, which is all she wants. . . . We won’t stop! We will also continue to fight for equal rights for LGBT’s, and gather support for LGBT teens. Kate may have somewhat lost this battle but she will never lose the war!!!!

Earth to Hunt family:  There is no “war” there is a 18-year-old girl who thought she could get away with something but could not and did all she and her friends could to destroy the family of a 14-year-old girl for daring to say “No!”

The most pathetic thing about all of this, there are going to be some fanatics who will still buy what they are selling forgetting that if Kate Hunt was Ken Hunt jail would have been a foregone conclusion.

I would not be surprised if in 3 years or so Kate & her mom will take their show on the road for fun & profit and she will have an easy time selling it to people who want to believe, of course with God all things are possible and if she decides to learn from this experience and with prayer and the right advice Kate Hunt might actually change herself for the better.

I’d like to see the latter but if I had to bet real money, I’d go with the former.