Tami Erin & the Magdalene St. Michaels Business Plan Calculated Risk Required (Content warning)

When last we left Tami Erin she was involved in the Hustler Halloween Party

and that involvement has to some degree had the desired effect:  She has passed 6700 twitter followers

tami progress 2

and her website has cracked the top 900,000 mark in Alexa

tami progress

Personally I’d put a twitter button on that web site to increase the number of followers (no charge) but alas the attention has started to wane.  If you do a google search for Tami Erin under news But alas there hasn’t been much in news since that last burst of activity.
tami progress 3
And the news that’s there isn’t good:

Tami Erin, now 39, starred as Pippi when she was just 14, but images from her childhood role as the red-headed character are being used on multiple websites to promote her recent porn flick.

Now, according to TMZ, Columbia Pictures—the studio behind the family-friendly movie—is ordering the images of 14-year-old Erin not be used to promote the X-rated film.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Columbia demanded sites remove the old Pippi pictures, or else the studio would sue.

That’s from Nov 5th and if you look at Ms. Erin’s twitter stream you will see the latest fan tweet is also from Nov 5th.

So already the interest is down and in fact the problem that I mentioned before remains:

Experience, intelligence and chemistry have little or no value. Her only card against other younger women is a 25 year old children’s movie remembered by fewer and fewer people as time goes by. There are already plenty of younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin. It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest

And therein lies the problem, is there a formula,  an example,  a business model for the almost 40 year old Ms. Erin to follow to establish and maintain a living in her now chosen field? 

Oddly enough there is.

Tami Erin Meet Magdalene St. Michaels, who came into the adult industry according to this BBC interview the even later than you did:

At the AIM Healthcare Foundation I met a classically trained actress who moved to California from England to pursue a career as a singer and dancer. She made her first adult feature at the age of 49, and now works full time under the stage name Magdalene St Michaels.

(Note: It goes without saying the sites being referenced from this point are Not Safe for Work unless you are employed in the San Fernando Valley.)

Hmmm classically trained came into the industry a full ten years older than Ms. Erin. She still in business at age 56 and it’s a neutral objective fact that, while she is 6 years older compared to me dressed to the nines, she is considerably easier on the eyes in any state of dress.

If Ms. Erin wants to go into this business.  She would be the logical person to examine.

Let’s start on twitter tami progress 4

OK right away we can see she has  the wisdom that comes with age.  She doesn’t settle for a link to her web site, she pushes others.

The first is to an amazon wish list: I presumed when she said “feed the kitty” she was making a reference to herself but apparently she has cats (according to her site 24 of them) as the stuff on her list is all cat food and accessories.

Think about it, right away she is parlaying her base into paying to support orphaned animals something even opponents or her profession would embrace. That might not seem like much but as a person who used to own a cat and makes his living as little as $2 at a time let me tell you they ain’t cheap. If one is expensive how must must 24 cost?

Now look at the next link. It goes to a video on demand site where people can buy instant access to her…ahem…performances. Now lets look at the twitter feed itself: Notice she uses the site to push not only official sites ( again all these links within these tweets are incredibly not safe for work. and may require a trip to the confessional if you click)

but to fan sites thus encouraging them:

Additionally she follows her fans like this one: tami progress 5 Resulting in tweets like this


I suspect she would have been very popular with a certain young lady in Florida.

Finally lets look at Ms. St. Michaels’ site itself and when I say “look at it” I mean the structure.

tami progress 6

You might think that her web site’s lower ranking suggests she is doing something wrong but there are two things to consider

1.  Any connection that has even an elementary web filter is going to block this site. thus decreasing traffic.

2. It if you are 18 and actually go into the site you can’t help but notice (among other things) that it is one giant e-commerce platform

That is the key.  The site is all about producing income.  When she isn’t pushing DVDs or on demand video she is pushing her social media platforms to keeping the people most likely to be interested in what she is ah….selling connected.

Bottom line Ms. St. Michaels seems to have created a system based on creating, satisfying and retaining her particular niche market and cross promoting it to the point where every single interaction has to potential for income.  This woman has business sense.

Now that acknowledgement of her business acumen doesn’t address the question of the morality, wisdom or dangers of her career path, dangers that Ms. St. Michaels address in that BBC interview mentioned at the start.

None of her scene partners has worn a condom, but the HIV scare did not seem to have worried her.

“There’s more chance of catching a disease by picking someone up in a bar than there is shooting porn,” she told me.

“At least everyone in the industry is tested regularly. There’s always going to be a slight risk to what we do – but it’s a calculated risk and we’re all aware of it.”

and calculated risk or no it only takes once, ask former field organizer for Obama 2012 Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers is promoting safe sex after saying she regrets having unprotected intercourse in her porn debut with an actor who days earlier slept with a star diagnosed as HIV positive.

or ask others with more experience in the industry

Porn star Lisa Ann alleged Monday that a male performer was scheduled to shoot a scene despite testing positive for hepatitis, raising questions once again about whether the industry’s current testing standards are covering all the bases.

In the 12 years I was in porn, no one worried about syphilis or hepatitis. In fact, I’ve never been vaccinated against hepatitis A or B; back then it was a series of three shots and I never made it a priority to make it to the third round—not uncommon thinking for most performers in porn.

So to Ms. Erin if this is the direction you want to go to make a living, there is a path to succeed , but I’d suggest thinking really hard before you decide to take those calculated risks.

Note: Some of my readers might wonder why I’m making the calculated risk argument instead of the moral argument talk the wages of sin and all that, well given this tweet


I must conclude calculated risk point has the best potential for success and one must also remember that the moral argument’s effectiveness even with those most familiar with it…

What I can’t understand — the mind boggles at the thought — is how any Christian girl could let herself be talked into this. Stipulate that Doug Phillips was a hypocritical horndog who deserves to burn in Hell. Still, what kind of arguments did he make to persuade this girl that it would be OK for her to have sex with him? “Oh, yeah, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery, except for humping the nanny.’ That was in the original Hebrew text, but it’s left out of these ‘modern’ translations.”


Update:  removed a redundant sentence that I missed in final edit