Liberal Guilt isn’t the Whole Story

On Twitter this morning I saw this cartoon that had me nodding my head:


It’s a great cartoon because it’s true. To many white liberals the fear of being called or labeled “racist” is so ingrained and so powerful they will excuse almost anything Barack Obama does to prove to others (and to convince themselves) that they are not racist and their self segregation is just a pure coincidence and not from fear or a feeling of superiority.

But it’s not the whole story. Liberal guilt would not be enough to sustain this president. Let’s look at the other groups who keep Barack Obama, if not walking on water, at least from drowning in his own failures.

The Anti-Antis

8th Doctor: I’m not leaving this ship without you

Cass:  Well you’re going to die right here, best news all day.

Doctor Who Night of the Doctor 2013

Barack Obama is a man of the left, the FAR left, farther than most of the people who actually support him. But to a big chunk of the people who voted for him that doesn’t matter, because it’s not about Barack Obama it’s about stopping the hated Right, particularly the Tea Party.

To them the very thought of an Abortion opposing, gun supporting, Rush Limbaugh Listening, God worshiping, Communist fighting person and party in power is the worst thing in the universe.

It’s not about supporting Barack Obama, it’s about defeating their common enemies.

So what if American Power around the world is collapsing, Iran is building Nukes, North Korea & Iran hold Americans, the Economy remains  in the tank, there are no jobs, Americans are left to die in Benghazi, the IRS becomes Nixon squared, Obamacare costs them their insurance and for the first time in History American children will do worse than their parents.  None of that matters even if their own fortunes are crashing and burning with the rest of that country as long as those rotten Conservatives are going down!


Black Pride…

Vinny Gambini:  I got a bullshit traffic ticket. I went to court, I got the cop on the stand, and I argued with him until he admitted he was wrong. And the judge, this Judge Malloy. All the while he’s laughing and smiling. And then afterwards, he asks me to go to lunch with him. Then he says to me, “you know what? You’d be a good litigator.” I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about, I don’t know what a litigator is. I never thought of becoming a lawyer. But this Judge Malloy he’s from Brooklyn too, he did it, so all of a sudden, it seemed possible.

My Cousin Vinny 1992

The first of anything is special and you remember it:  Your first child, your first kiss (Maria Frigoletto) , your first car (67 red barracuda convertible 197,000 miles when the odometer broke 2 years before) , your first grandchild. your first job (gopher Family Federal Bank), The first time your team wins a world series in your lifetime (2004 Red Sox) and of course your first Dr. Who episode (Masque of Mandragora pt 1).

For an ethnic group it’s even bigger.  You are a stranger in a strange land, or a group that has been oppressed.  First’s matter.  The Camelot was embraced easily by millions of Catholics already celebrating JFK.  There are woman in England who absolutely hated Margaret Thacher but still grinned when she flexed her muscles.  They were not just individuals who succeeded (they were) but the culmination of the dreams of a lot of people had.

For Black America the Election of Barack Obama less than three generations removed from Jim Crow and the ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ in baseball means an awful lot.  I know conservative black Americas who disagree with Barack Obama on just about everything who voted for and cheered him when he was elected.  The first Black President elected and re-elected is rightfully a source of pride for the American Black community….

…And Black Fear

Sheriff John Chance:   You’re a rich man, Burdette. Big ranch. Pay a lot of people to do what you want them to do. And you got a brother. He’s no good, but he’s your brother. If he committed murders, you’d try and see he didn’t hang for them.

Rio Bravo 1959

Think of OJ Simpson an iconic athlete and one of the greatest of football players…revealed to be a killer, Doug Phillips revealed to have been banging the babysitter for ten years,  Lance Armstrong revealed as a cheater.   Kate Hunt the poster girl for lesbian rights revealed and exposed.

When you are an icon your failures becomes a group’s failure, it’s a scandal.  That’s who so many Bishops were willing to sweep bad priests under the rug and why Public school administrators & Unions are willing to do the same for abusing teachers.  There is a reason Matthew Sheppard is a household name and Jessie Dirkhising is not.

And that’s just scandal, What happens if it’s failure?

Picture if Jackie Robinson had hit .220 with 2 HR & 51 RBI’s and the Dodgers finished last, how many decades would it have been until the next black player graced the field?

Imagine for a second if Thurgood Marshall had, once he had been put on the supreme court stumbling over his words?  How many lawyers would never wear a Judges robes.

What if the 54th Massachusetts turned and ran at Fort Wagner?   Lincoln might have lost the war (and failed as the first Republican President) and the army might still not be integrated.

Barack Obama is the living embodiment of this.  He has failed on so many levels it boggles the mind.  Ironically the Black Community has shouldered more of that failure, particularly economically,  than any other.  Yet they voted to re-elect him in overwhelming numbers and in polls still continue to support him.  They must, because what will they tell their children?

What will they say if the first Black President is recorded in history as one of the worst leaders the country has ever seen?

What will they say when his presidency marks   the first time ever America Children are expected to do worse than their parents?

What will they say if it marks the end of American Power in the world?  The end of the American Era?

What will they say when history looks back at Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Snowden and the NSA, the rise of Radical Islam in the middle east and the Iranian Bomb and say this all happened on the watch of the 1st Black President of the United States?

The moment they admit this, Barack Obama becomes an affirmative action president and goes from an inspiration for an entire race to an embarrassment that needs to be forgotten.  That can’t be allowed.

The Irony of course is that Barack Obama’s failures have nothing to do with his race, and everything to do with him being a cheap inexperienced Chicago Machine pol who had no business being at the top of any ticket, but when you buy into a delusion, you buy into it all the way.


True Believers…

Sutekh: Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good.

Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars 1975

This is the group that are the actual core of Barack Obama’s support. There are people who think a weaker United states is better than a stronger one. That nationalized healthcare is actually better than our current system. That guns are actually the problem rather than people. That a secular country is better than a religious one and that the best way to make things better is to redistribute the wealth of the nation punishing those who actually create it.

These people see what has happened under Obama as,  at worst bumps in the road toward the bright future it will bring or even as a success and if the IRS has to be used to suppress some dissent or the NSA has to spy on a few people, well you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.


So if you are still wondering how Barack Obama has maintained his number for so long.  Now you know.


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