Torching Gay Bars isn’t newsworthy unless a Christian Does it

Just imagine a religious fanatic burns a popular Gay Bar in the middle of a New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Picture the arsonist telling a friend from his place of worship that “Homosexuals should be exterminated.”

What do you think would happen?

The evening news would be full of the story of a hate crimes and the bigotry of Christians. You would have the Morning Joe panel deriding the haters, you would have specials on CNN, it would be the lead on every single mainstream network.

It would be considered a seminal moment.

Well it just so happens there was such a fire at a Seattle nightclub and if you go to the ABC site and search for gay+fire+Seattle the only result is this AP story from Jan 3rd:

The quick thinking of a U.S. Army staff sergeant likely helped prevent a fire inside a Seattle night club from becoming a tragedy during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Seattle police say 750 people were celebrating in the club Neighbours when an arsonist poured gasoline on a carpeted stairway and set it ablaze.

KIRO-TV reports ( ) that in the first seconds after the fire started, Staff Sgt. Christopher Bostick grabbed a fire extinguisher from behind the bar. Then he and Air Force member Mike Casey put out the fire.

“I’m embarrassed to say, my first move was to go after it with cups of water. Then I quickly realized, this fire is way bigger than that,” Bostick said.

Bostick, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, expects the fire would have become unmanageable in less than a minute.

While the nightclub’s sprinkler system rained water down, hundreds of people calmly but quickly left the nightclub. No one was hurt.

Seattle arson investigators are searching through surveillance video from the club and neighboring businesses, looking for suspects and clues.

“You know, in 30 seconds, if that fire did what the arsonist intended, there’s no telling how many people could have died,” Bostick said.

Well that’s good news but nothing on the source of the fire

But it’s better than CBS news that had nothing on the fire as did CNN

In fact if you do a google search of the combination of Seattle + Fire + gay and look at the results you will see nothing from any major MSM network.


Well apparently the religious fanatic who tried to commit Mass murder of Gays…turned out to be the wrong religion:

KIRO 7 has uncovered explosive new details in the case of the Capitol Hill arson at a popular gay nightclub.

Suspect Musab Masmari’s motive may have stemmed from his “distaste for homosexual people.”

Masmari is charged with arson for allegedly setting the fire at Neighbours nightclub shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day.

According to investigative documents filed in King County Superior Court, the 30-year old Masmari told a friend “that homosexuals should be exterminated.” That friend, a member of the local Muslim community, went straight to the FBI because he believed Masmari may have also been planning a terrorist attack. That friend became a confidential informant.

Pam Geller who you might remember getting excoriated over ads displaying Muslims in their own words asks the obvious question:

Where are the left wing, the gay and LGBT organizations denouncing the Islamic texts that inspire such mayhem and murder of gays? Where is that fierce gay leadership condemning Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia?

Where are those brave activists who rushed to condemn me when I ran an ad campaign highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia?

They’re busy attacking Geller:

So lets recap, If you are a Muslim and you dislike gays and want to torch & slaughter then in the US, have no fear, other than Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, a few local papers, and of course myself, nobody will notice or condemn you, certainly not the national media.

But if you are a Christian who doesn’t want to make a wedding cake for a gay marriage because it’s a violation of your religion and your conscience, the media will have you guts for garters.

Update:  Linked by Stacy McCain who notes

The gay-rights movement in America is entirely owned by the Democrat Party, and is therefore concerned with destroying everything — capitalism, Christianity, patriotism — that is an obstacle to the advancement of the Democrat Party agenda. So if the Seattle arsonist had been a Christian extremist or some other person who could be labeled “right wing,” the headlines coast-to-coast in the Democrat-controlled press would be “HATE CRIME IN SEATTLE” and this story would have rivaled the Chris Christie “Bridgegate” scandal as a subject for endless discussions on MSNBC.

Only this blind partisan fanaticism, the product of decades of anti-Republican propaganda aimed at the gay community, could produce amedia “cone of silence” around Musab Musmari’s crime: News of anIslamic terrorist attack might have encouraged some people to vote GOP, and the Official Gay Movement can’t let that happen.

If only Musmari  had attended even a single tea party meeting…

Credit where due, it was another member of the Muslim community that pointed the authorities in the right direction,  A hopeful sign.


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