Deval Patricks (DCF) Deception Corruption Fraud AKA Department for Child/Families

September 14, 2013 was the last day 5 year old Jeremiah Oliver was seen alive. He and his siblings were “supposed” to be under the watch of (DCF) due to reports of abuse and neglect, they were to have monthly visits by workers from DCF yet three months went by without a visit and now 5 year old Jeremiah is presumed dead.

This triggered an outcry not just within the community but across the country. People wanted answers, how could a 5 year old boy go missing for three months without the state knowing?

The negative publicity sent shockwaves throughout government officials and the chief of DCF “Olga Roche” had to act. She did so by firing thee employees related to the case yet this wouldn’t stop the fury.

Further investigation revealed that over THIRTY percent of social workers for the DCF are not CERTIFIED for employment!

Over 90 PERCENT of children are allowed to live in homes with CONVICTS!

Although many requests have been made Olga Roche will not release the information relating to the convictions.

Governor Patrick not only continues to support her he wants to give Olga Roche a 10,500 dollar raise bringing her salary to $137,000.00 a year!

Update DTG: If this doesn’t make the Deval for President case I’d like to know what does.