Kidnapped, By the STATE!!!

by UncommonCents

The following isn’t happening in North Korea, China or Russia it’s occurring right HERE in Boston Massachusetts, yes the United States!!!

If you’re a parent you need to ask yourself WHY isn’t the media covering this and WHERE are OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS!

Lou and Linda Pelletier have a daughter Justina that was diagnosed by their Physician at Tufts University Medical with Mitochondrial disease that can lead to muscular weakness, blindness, heart failure, liver failure, learning disabilities, and diabetes if untreated.

Like any other loving parents the Pelletier’s had found Justina a doctor that specialized in the deadly disease. Justina was receiving the treatment that aided her to live a healthy life.
In early February 2013, Justina became ill so Lou and Linda became concerned as ANY PARENT would so they ONCE again sought medical treatment for their daughter. It was determined that Justina was experiencing symptoms of the FLU.

Justina was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital, a place that is known throughout the WORLD to have the BEST physicians/doctors (or USED to)!

The DOCTORS @ Boston Children believed that Justina was suffering from “somatoform”, a prognosis that is defined as PSYCHOLOGICAL (a mental illness).

Lou and Linda (the parents) disagreed with the new doctors at Boston Children Hospital. Four days later while Justina was still at BCH the Massachusetts Department of Children/Families stepped in and  STRIPPED away custody from Lou and Linda. The State of Massachusetts then sent Justina to a facility located in Framingham Mass that’s reserved for the treatment of addiction/mental illness

This is when BCH stopped giving her the treatments prescribed by the doctors at Tufts and placed Justina in a psychiatric ward located in Framingham Mass. The parents were allowed to visit Justina (their DAUGHTER) for one hour a week under supervision.

Lou and Linda did their best to mask their concern yet Justina was a aware and she would slip them hidden notes in a attempt to reassure them that she was OK yet Lou and Linda could see her declining health. Prior to be administered to BCH and KIDNAPPED by Mass DCF Justina was skating and now she’s in a wheelchair.

In desperation the Pelletiers reached out for help by contacting local media outlets and they found Beau Berman, a investigative reporter for FOX/WTIC/CT. He began research and publishing articles about Justina. On November 7th Beau and his crew were at the Mass court house filming when Judge Joe Johnston presiding over the case suddenly imposed not only a GAG ORDER for the Pelletier Family (GAG ORDER…is imposed to PREVENT ANYONE from TALKING). Justice Joe Johnston ordered that no press be allowed! Not only in the court room but the entire floor of the building where the court proceedings were being held.

At this point what do YOU do as a FATHER? I ask YOU…What would YOU DO?

Lou Pelletier took a STAND for his DAUGHTER and defied the “GAG ORDER”, he continued to speak out to Anyone that would listen.

He once again found someone that would listen…It wasn’t NBC/CBS/CNN/ABC/MSNBC it was (The Blaze) that interviewed Mr. Pelletier and it became a National/International story, just not on the usual networks previously mentioned. Please ask your self WHY any self proclaimed news media outlet would NOT cover this story?

Justina’s condition is deteriorating under (DCF)/(BCH)! Lou stated. She is not receiving the treatment she needs…

On Friday 2/21/2014 Linda and Justina’s older sister were “allowed” to visit her. When they entered the room there were 5 DCF  employees and a Mass State Trooper. During the visit Justina’s shirt had lifted and displayed the port that had been inserted into her colon, there were SEVERE RED lines across her abdomen. While the 5 members of DCF were “laughing” at the sight of the her condition (Linda) BEGGED for help.

Linda spoke to one of the TOP Surgeons at the (DCF)facility and he said that could be SEPSIS which is DEADLY. Linda now had to BEG to have a DOCTOR come and check on her baby girl! At this point we don’t know Justina’s prognosis!!! What WE do know is what happened next!


Lou and Linda Pelletier patiently awaited the ruling from a Massachusetts JUDGE  that would determine the outcome for Justina/Their daughter!

After several hearings/delays the Judge ruled that the Father has violated the GAG order and could be held in “contempt”. Justina will be transferred to Foster Home supervised by (DCF)  . The same (DCF) that allows one in ten Convicted CRIMINALS to become foster Parents. The same Mass (DCF) that allows 1/3 of it’s employees to SUPERVISE Children that are UNLICENSED! The same people that allow PEDOHILES to supervise CHILDREN!


Please help JUSTINA!  You can get HELP by going www.mass/ and finding out who YOUR rep is!  Ask them about Justina Pelletier! DCF and BCH.

You can also find INFO @ Facebook Justice for Justina