Obama to Black Americans: Sit Down and Shut Up

by  baldilocksBaldilocks mini

290,000. That’s how many illegal aliens the Obama Administration has inserted into this country. It did this boldly and without any camouflage—in the same manner in which it commits the dozens (hundreds) of other crimes against the citizenry.

In particular, however, this destruction of our southern border is a bold and contemptuous slap in the face to black American Democrats—the majority of black Americans.  While all Americans have suffered under Obama’s economic attacks on this country—euphemistically called economic policy—blacks have suffered proportionately more than other subgroups, especially in the unemployment sphere.  (This is due to our own political and economic short-sightedness and illiteracy as a group—our inability to see past our own pride at having someone in the White House who may look like one of our relatives.)

I almost said that President Obama has seen fit to make black Americans suffer more, but I know better. He could not give a rat’s about black Americans and why should he? After all, black liberals/ Leftists voted for him 100% and they aren’t going to do anything about his betrayal but mope silently. Or, they will blame the white man for Obama’s “failure”–for somehow forcing Obama to let the illegal aliens in–oblivious to the fact that this particular method of absolving Obama of guilt makes him in particular and black people in general appear to be weak and inferior.

“Sit down and shut up.” A few years back, Barack Obama said, basically, this to the Congressional Black Caucus when a few of their brighter members—the one with IQs in the high 90s—began to notice that the president had not become black America’s new Patron.

Well,  since the importation of a new group of slaves, the brighter black liberals in general have begun to get it as well. The rest, however, will continue to worship at their master’s feet as their lives–and this country–slide into chaos.

Not slipped into it, but pushed by their Master, Barack Obama. Thus always to rubes.

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