The Next 44 Days in News Explained in Brief

As you might guess the next 44 days before the election are going to be a whirlwind to some degree for those of us who follow electoral politics closely.

However for those of you do don’t (and if you don’t I’m happy but surprised to have you here reading) let me give you a brief idea of what is going to be in the headlines.


1.  NFL Scandal

Goodell’s excellent blocking aside the media is not going to let this story die the fact that we have games on Sunday, Monday & Thursday help as it means that there is not a single day of the week where there is not a game, the preparation for a game or the aftermath of a game.  As a masculine sport the NFL stands in for the GOP for the Democrats entire “war on women” meme. so by keeping up the pressure the media manages to indirectly hit the GOP while making elevating a subject that does not reflect on this administration.

Oh and expect the “Redskins” story to pop up every now and again as well

2.  Ebola:

The Ebola outbreak is causing death and destruction in Africa and the prospect of the disease-spreading is real.  People are dying and worry is really setting in.

This story is considerably more newsworthy than the NFL and it certainly deserves attention but expect a lot of that attention to become louder, particularly as how it develops will have little fallout on this administration and the media can point to the president’s speech as the White House taking action.  Thus it will get a lot of play over the next 40+ days

3.  Campus Rape

Expect more studies, book and loud pronouncement from the view to the congress on this non issue, with a whole lot of studies with dubious figures for the sake of promoting outrage and firing up the college base. Personally if I was the father of a daughter and I bought the rape odds that the media has pushed I wouldn’t pay 40K to put a daughter in that spot.

This is an issue that’s going to be pushed full hilt, it’s perfect for the left, it plays the “war on women” card generates fear against their political foes and because the numbers are cooked as long as accurate figures don’t come out before an election (and the media will make sure they don’t) they can always point to their own actions as the cause of success.


In reality this is an issue that they would just as soon not cover but thanks to the beheading videos it’s impossible to ignore, but there is good news for the MSM here. While the reality is we are highly unlikely to defeat ISIS without US troops doing the heavy lifting on the ground this is not going to be apparent for many months. Because of this every single step and speech is going to be highlighted as a strong bold move to stop a threat to the United States rather than a way to save his poll numbers before a key election.

So be aware that if you expect to see anything about the IRS scandal, the Economy, the price of Oil, jobs, immigration / amnesty and where all those kids on the border ended up going, forget it all of those issues hurt democrats and even if you find an illegal immigrant with a pending NFL contract infected with Ebola raping a young woman on campus while wrapped in an ISIS flag it will get a 30 second line.

I’m sure the MRC can do a story count but does anyone expect anything different?


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