If you think All lives Matter Apparently You aren’t fit to be a College President

This story is not a parody:

The president of prestigious Smith College is red-faced and apologetic Tuesday for telling students on the Northampton, Mass., campus that “all lives matter.”

Kathleen McCartney wrote the phrase in the subject line of an e-mail to students at the school, whose alumni include feminists Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, former First Lady Nancy Reagan and celebrity chef Julia Child. McCartney was attempting to show support for students protesting racially charged grand jury decisions in which police in Missouri and New York were not charged in the deaths of unarmed black men.

This is what modern liberalism and the Democrat party has become.

Two thoughts:

#1  Why do I have a feeling that if she said the same thing 100 years ago supporters of the Democrat party would still be calling for head?

#2  If I was doing better financially I’d fly down to DC and start asking Democrats on Camera if they believe “All lives matter”? and if not, which lives do not?

I suspect it would be a lot of fun.





U.S. releases 6 al-Qaeda detainees to Uruguay

While the Senate releases a CIA report without talking to the CIA directors, Jonathan Gruber refuses to say how much government money he received, and John Kerry raises $5billion for Gaza, the U.S. released six Gitmo detainees to Uruguay.

In a country where polls show a majority of people oppose the transfer of the prisoners, and as other Latin American countries declined, lame-duck president José Mujica,

a former guerrilla who was imprisoned for 14 years—said that while he had long criticized the U.S. for its “interventions and abuses,” he couldn’t decline a request by Mr. Obama to accept the men.

Mujica is also allowing them to travel in and out of Uruguay.

It’s not clear what passports from what countries would the six use.

Who are the released men?

Four were members of the “Syrian Group;” all are connected to Abu Zubaydah; only one was deemed as “medium risk,” the other five were “high risk.”

Thomas Joscelyn writes that 6 Guantanamo detainees transferred to Uruguay were part of al Qaeda’s network, files allege

Interestingly, the intelligence contained in JTF-GTMO’s files linked all six transferred detainees to Abu Zubaydah, who has been the subject of much controversy. Zubaydah was captured in 2002 and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques. Some have claimed that Zubaydah was not really a senior al Qaeda leader at the time of his capture, but this argument is contradicted by dozens of pieces of intelligence contained in the JTF-GTMO files, among other evidence.

The dossiers compiled by the US government for each of the six transferred detainees include multiple pieces of evidence pointing to their ties to both Abu Zubaydah and al Qaeda. Four of the former detainees were members of the so-called “Syrian Group,” which was based at a guesthouse funded by Zubaydah. A fifth detainee was allegedly part of Zubaydah’s “Martyrs Brigade,” which sought to attack US forces in 2002. And the sixth was identified by Zubaydah as a trainee at the Khaldan camp, which was run by Zubaydah and his comrade in arms, Ibn Sheikh al Libi.

Joscelyn talked about the six in John Batchelor’s show, which you can listen here.

In addition to being able to fly in and out of the country, the six terrorists can also bring their families to Uruguay.

Uruguay’s defense minister, Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro, is Polyanna of the week, expecting the six to “live in peace, sit in the stadium grandstand and become fans of some soccer team.”

Considering their background, that’s high hopes indeed.

Elsewhere in Latin America, Colombia’s FARC is using al-Qaeda for European drug trade.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

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Different Century Same Democrat Playbook (or Atticus Finch: Rape Apologist)

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Anyone come, you ain’t gonna be in here with me.
Mary Beecher: What are you talking about?
1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: I’m talking about you. A white woman. White women only spell trouble for any of us.

Sgt. Rutledge 1960

Mayella Ewell:I got somethin’ to say. And then I ain’t gonna say no more. He took advantage of me. An’ if you fine, fancy gentlemen ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it, then you’re just a bunch of lousy, yella, stinkin’ cowards, the – the whole bunch of ya, and your fancy airs don’t come to nothin’. Your Ma’am’in’ and your Miss Mayellarin’ – it don’t come to nothin’, Mr. Finch, not… no.

To Kill a Mockingbird 1962

I’ve been thinking about the hysteria concerning rape on campus among our friends on the left.  How they keep quoting the discredited figure that one of five women on campus are victims of rape.  How feminists have made the argument that to demand facts before accusing someone of a heinous crime is akin to being an apologist for rape and how some on the left have defended Rolling Stone and other Democrat cultural organs with the argument that even if this particular story is false, that it’s OK because the meme itself is true, something “everybody” knows therefore even a false accusation is of value because it hinders the “culture of rape”.

There are many things about these statements that are simply incredible and totally contrary to the American ideal but what I find most amazing about all of these arguments, invariably advanced by the most liberal of Democrats (and politely consented to by republicans afraid of being attacked) is how familiar this Democrat playbook would be to a person living 100 years ago.

There was a time, in fact it is still in living memory,  when the exact same type of argument was made by Democrats concerning black men.  There was a time when Democrats argued that everybody KNEW that black men couldn’t control themselves around white women.  There was a time when, to Democrats,  a Black man approaching a white woman in any way was considered a sexual provocation.

And while history remembers the Scottsboro boys & Emmett Till the truth is millions who didn’t suffer violence they did, endured the stigma of being considered sexually dangerous and acted with care because of it, for this was the social norm that was advanced by these proud Democrats of yore.

How prevalent was this idea?  Well nobody who went to see Blazing Saddles in the theatre needed this Cleavon Little line explained to them:

But by 1974 when the movie came out this type of nonsense had pretty much died out.  Coincidentally around the same time Democrats stopped making these attacks,  Black men were switching their voting patterns, voting for Democrats in overwhelming numbers.


Flash forward to 2014, who do we see targeted (although not physically) as a potential danger to women by leftists?  White men.

The attacks on men in general and the Greek system in particular on campus is just one piece of the puzzle, We have reached a point where masculine virtue is considered a vice, where men avoid the classroom as teachers, where the wrong Tee shirt worn by a man who has accomplished a scientific miracle is cause for condemnation

By an odd coincidence the attacks and social stigmas being applied by leftist Democrats appear to target White men rather than men in general, by another coincidence white men currently tend to as a group to favor republicans by a third incredible coincidence the exceptions to this rule concerning race, black men like Clarence Thomas & Herman Cain are also conservative Republicans.

Meanwhile Bill Clinton remains one of the most popular Democrat men alive and is eagerly sought by leftists as a speaker and fundraiser.

Who wouda thunk it?

I’ll leave you with this question: If we apply the current cultural standards being advanced by the left to the gentleman in this movie clip, would our liberal Democrat feminist friends describe him as a “rape apologist”

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