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My surroundings have changed drastically. After the foreclosure and selling of my home, the moving/storage of the large and/or precious items, the selling and giving away of other items, and the theft of one item, it is finally done.

I suppose I should feel sad, but I don’t. The house had belonged to my great-aunt who passed away in 2012 and I had spent the first part of my childhood there. I miss it but I don’t feel despair. Still owned by me: many, many pictures, crystal stemware, semi-fine china. There’s even a huge old-school stereo with a record player and a reel-to-reel “tucked” away in my storage space.Stereo

But all of this—including the theft—forced me to ponder the nature of things and their transient nature. My auntie could take none of her things with her into next life, and my next life—while not dimensionally different from the last one—will, I think, be a little bit different spiritually. At least I hope that will be so.

I’m no longer in South Central Los Angeles and in a temporary space behind the Mount Wilson Curtain (Glendale) and that is automatically different. A goodly portion of the population are of Persian and Armenian descent and it just occurred to me that many of these people either fled persecution in their home countries or are descended from those who did. Christians and Jews.

So I am among friends, at least I hope so.

Here’s a view from my window.Window

Page turned.

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Salt n Pepa & and an Ironic Commentary on aging

The Rap group Salt N Pepa have been around for a long time.  They broke into the rap scene in the 80’s and continue to perform 30 years later.

Their song “Push it” was released in 1986 and hit #1 on the charts in the US , as you can see here, the  lyrics are, shall we say, provocative…

Push it good
Push it real good
Push it good
P-push it real good

Ah, push it
Get up on this

Boy, you really got me going
You got me so I don’t know what I’m doing

Ah, push it

While this song when released and sung by twenty something women in their sexual prime produces a certain image sexual theme, when song by the still attractive but now late 40 something women another image comes to mind.

Now one might when seeing this ad thing of it as simply a clever little ad selling insurance but think of it. Soap opera, novellas and late night drama not withstanding there is a change of focus as you get older, when you’re young it’s all about some things, as you get older it’s all about other things and when we try to pretend that we are still 20 when we’re not, disappointment follows.

Exit question: Do you think that Salt N Pepa for one moment thought that someday this song would be used to sell insurance?

What I’ve learned about Police vs Muslims from listening to the Media on Sydney and Ferguson

Given what we’ve seen the last several months there are several lessons we have learned concerning police & muslims.

It is perfectly acceptable to suspect police, imposes rules and sanctions on all police, march against police, make songs against police and demand that all police change their behavior and submit themselves to close scrutiny if there is any suspicion concerning improper behavior in the death of a person during the line of duty.

It is completely unacceptable to suspect muslims, impose rules and sanctions on muslims, march against muslims, make songs about muslim and demand that all muslims change their behavior and submit themselves to close scrutiny if a Muslim commits an act of terror and murder against innocent bystanders.

The occasional unplanned death of a person resisting arrest is proof that the police are fighting a war against black people and reflects on all police.

The deliberate planned attacks on non muslims “infidels” and the calling for others to do so in the name of the Islamic state not only doesn’t reflect on Muslims in general but doesn’t prove that the people committing said actions or those calling for it are actually muslims.

It is the positive responsibility of every police department to take steps from body cameras, to training to publicly policies to prove that the police are not targeting people of color and if they choose not to do so, that proves the police are racists.

There is absolutely no responsibility for any Muslim organization, particular Mosque, or Iman to make any public steps, to proclaim any teaching to their congregations or to even co-operate with the government to prove that their are not aiding abetting or recruiting members who are planning or enabling terror attacks and any person who suggests any of these steps are racists or “Islamophobes.”

If a grand jury chooses not to press charges against police after an investigation of facts it doesn’t mean one must discard the evidence that said grand jury rejected.

If an individual is a muslim and demands an ISIS flag while taking hostages we can not draw any conclusions from this.

and finally:

If you die in an encounter with police you are a martyr to be celebrated and remembered by the nation and promoted by the media, even if you were violating the law and committing violence on camera before said encounter.

If you are forced to change your name and go into hiding because of threats from Muslims, you are to be forgotten, even if you are a reporter in America who was exercising her first Amendment rights. Your name is not to be spoken on television or radio except by the odd conservative blogger who insists on shouting the name Molly Norris.

Oh one more.

College students and activists will happily march against police violence knowing that not only will they be celebrated for it, but during said march the same police they are decrying will protect them from harm

Nobody except people like Pam Geller will speak against, let alone march against against Islamic violence because not only will they be pilloried for it, but they are afraid of fatal retaliation from Islamists.

Any questions?

Olimometer 2.52

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