One of the Truest Christmas Greetings you will hear this season

Via Elder of Ziyon the PM of Christmas message is sure to outrage many.

Not because he is attacking Christians like this

On Christmas Eve Muslims attacked Christians attending a Catholic Christmas celebration in the German city of Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. The five Muslims forced their way into the St. Mary’s Church shouting, “F*cking Christians.”

but because he is telling a truth that a lot of people would like to forget.

They will never forgive him for this.

The Sony Pictures Hack – A Whodunnit Tale

By Steve Eggleston

Pennington: Klahn has been connected with every sort of nefarious activity. You name it – opium, weapons traffic, assassination, motion picture distribution…
Asquith And global extortion

“A Fistful of Yen”, The Kentucky Fried Movie, 1977

Unlike Pete, I usually don’t quote movies, but the case of the Sony Pictures hack certainly has an oddball feel to it that lends itself to quoting a comedy from an era when comedies weren’t just innuendo-filled junk. The document dumps from the hacks themselves played a lot like the typical Anonymous attacks, designed to create outrage on the far Left.

Then the threat over a “comedy” called The Interview came out. After the major theater chains decided not to show the movie, Sony initially announced it would not release the movie. Sonly later changed its mind, releasing the movie online and in smaller independent movie theaters.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations quickly fingered North Korea, the target of the joke of a mov…er…in the movie, as being responsible for both the hack and the threat. Several experts in the hacking field disagree. It’s time to take a look at the motives of the suspects and whether what is known about the hacks and threat fit:

North Korea – There is a reason why I call Kim Jong-Un Krazy Kim III. He almost certainly isn’t too pleased at being the target in The Interview, and he is less stable than his late father, the target of another “comedy”, Team America: World Police. Further, North Korea has had some success hacking South Korean businesses.

However, I rather doubt the North Koreans are savvy enough to act like Anonymous with the information from Sony. Their hacks have been more of the mayhem type rather than leaking e-mails and not-yet-released films.

An Anonymous-type group – The initial hacks and releases of information are definitely up their alley. The puzzling thing is why they would issue the threats against The Interview.

A disgruntled Sony Pictures (ex-)employee – What was leaked is something a disgruntled (ex-)employee would leak, but the rest of it doesn’t quite fit.

Sony Pictures – The Interview had the makings of a bomb at the box office, and there was certainly an air of “extreme” promotion in the threat and response, but why would Sony embarrass itself and take the massive legal risk of breaching personal financial and health information?

In any case, if you were thinking about seeing The Interview to say, “Damn the North Koreans, full speed ahead,” I have a recommendation – get Mark Greaney’s latest Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novel, Full Force and Effect. Somehow, neither Greaney nor Putnam, the publisher, got any public flack from North Korea over their depiction of a slightly-fictionalized, highly-unstable version of Kim Jong-Un.

For Supremacists and Revolutionaries: You Don’t Want to Get What You Deserve

by baldilocks

In the last few days, I got hassled by white supremacists and a single white leftist on Twitter. (Uncharacteristically, black Leftists tend to leave me alone.)

I tend not to get into arguments on Twitter because they leave me angry, but I did this time and it was a lot of fun! I gained many re-tweetsBaldilocks mini and not a few new followers. And, as I reflect on the two groups—white supremacists and white Leftists, I would almost say that they are two sides of the same coin, but that’s not quite true; white supremacists are more honest. However, both are equal in mendacity and in cowardice. Both sets with which I interacted took my words and twisted them to suit their own agendas. And both are intent on making sure that the group(s) for which they claim to advocate or to be against get what they deserve.


In recent years, that word has begun to rankle. It’s defined as “to be worthy of reward or punishment” and the reason it bothers me is very Christian, in that the only thing we all deserve is (the second) death. We all have to die once, with a few exceptions.

So when anyone talks about what they or another deserves in this earthly realm, it seem silly. One doesn’t even have to pay attention to Christianity to see this. Often do evil people earn/receive lots of money and live in luxury. Often martyred are servants of the Living God.

There’s even a secular saying that acknowledges the stupidity of expecting just, earthly deserts: no good deed goes unpunished.

So, one can imagine what I think about the deserts of those whose ancestors who persecuted or were persecuted by another set of people.

Or the deserts of those whose ancestors were diligent and inventive.

Or the deserts of those who pretend to be the saviors of another group of people, while actually believing that group to be inferior and only fit for cannon fodder for the revolution they are planning.

Or even those who think they deserve something for the wondrous blackness, brownness, pinkness or translucency of their stinking, wormfood hides.

Oh wait. Did I repeat myself?

You deserve nothing, pinheads. Neither do I.

If you were smart, you’d realize this and take your eyes off of “me, me, me,” and turn to the One greater than us all…If you were smart.

Well, miracles do happen. You better hope that one happens to you.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2015. Follow her on Twitter.

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Hey Politico, WHO won in Kansas?

There are two things that never cease to amaze me.

First that the left keeps telling the right this:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich will roll out “responsible” tax plans that protect against revenue gaps. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Arizona’s new Republican governor are delaying big dreams of nixing the income tax as they face budget shortfalls. And Missouri Republicans, once jealous of their neighbor Kansas’ massive cuts, are thankful they trimmed less.

Call it the Brownback effect.

What’s the Brownback effect?  The decision to seriously cut taxes including eliminating taxes on small business and apparently a lot of people are trying to contrast themselves to this:

In Missouri, Republicans like Kraus proudly noted that while Kansas eliminated taxes on small businesses, they did only a 25 percent tax deduction to lower their taxes. And their income tax cuts were much smaller, he said: only half a percent, phased in over five years starting in 2017.

“We’re trying to protect the core levels of funding so we don’t disturb … state government,” he said.

Because God forbid big Government actually become smaller.  But here’s the thing that really jars my gears, why are these guys all trying to be not Brownback?

The left poured money into Kansas, activists entered the state in their full force a year before the election targeting Brownback, in fact many on the left expected Brownback to be the reason why Pat Roberts would lose re-election because of the collateral damage for those ousting the governor who constantly behind in the polls.  Take a look at the Wikipedia chart of polls was behind in the polls the whole time.  There were 9 polls in the course of the year where he was ahead vs 30 that showed him behind and the media & left were feeling their oats:


the governor’s mansion has switched parties often in the past 60 years, and Democrats may take it back this November.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is running for re-election, and for months now, polls have shown him consistently running well behind his Democratic challenger.

This isn’t your typical incumbent-in-trouble story, though. In office, Brownback has done exactly what he said he would. But many, many voters aren’t happy, including a lot of Republicans.

Big tax cuts that Brownback championed have left Kansas with a serious budget problem.

Washington Post:

Gail Jamison, a lifelong Republican, voted for Sam Brownback for governor in 2010 believing he would restore school funding that had been greatly reduced by the recession.

Four years later, she has joined with more than 100 prominent Republicans in publicly throwing their support behind Brownback’s Democratic opponent — because, she said, Brownback pursued a hefty tax cut for the rich that deprived schools of needed resources.

“I am shocked by what’s happened,” said Jamison, president of the Board of Education in this Wichita suburb. “I find it personally a very extreme stance.”


Davis retains strong leads among moderate voters and Independents, while taking 27 percent of the Republican vote from Brownback. He also has double-digit leads in the state’s two largest television markets, making a Brownback comeback a more difficult and potentially more expensive proposition.

Susan Page called Brownback’s record as Governor “Devastating” In fact the Daily Kos said Brownback’s ads:  “reeks of desperation.”  Yet note this line from the Politico story hitting Kansas’ policies:

By contrast, Kansas’ cuts to education as a result of the revenue hit was a contentious issue in Brownback’s near defeat to Democrat Paul Davis last month.

the key word in that sentence is NEAR.

Do you know what another word for a “near defeat” is?  VICTORY!

Even with a libertarian candidate grabbing 4% of the vote in the end Brownback still won by 3 1/2 pts, yet like with the government shutdown stuff the left continues to insist that the all of this will destroy the GOP, even as it failed to do so.

That’s pretty amazing, but not as amazing as one other fact.  That some on the right continue to fall for it.

When will we ever learn?

Update: GOP here is how the GOP should react when the left tells us to be so very afraid of our principles

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