Re: The Time For A Conservative Party

By A.P. Dillon

Da Tech Guy recently wrote about it being time in this country for a 3rd party — a Conservative party. Take a moment to go read the whole thing before proceeding as I won’t totally rehash what he said in that article, but the general thrust can be found in a couple of the opening paragraphs:

I’m done asking people to vote for the GOP, I’m done compromising on issues dear to me and I’m done pushing candidates that are willing to say one thing when they want my vote but not willing to act once they have power.

The party seems to forget the reason they have a congressional majority is not due to their own actions but the actions of others.

Now I’ll weigh in.

Am I happy with the Republican party on the whole these day? No.

Do I think a third party or Conservative party is the answer? Yes, with an asterisk. I think we already have one and it’s tucked inside the current GOP.

Do I think it’s going to happen? Not without a serious fight – both with establishment GOP and the media.

I’m not afraid of a good fight, but I think the fight has to be waged on a different front. Conservatives simply taking our toys and going home isn’t going to get the country where needs to be. Yeah, I’m a ‘take it back’ believer – we should purge instead of leaving.

I’ve had this debate with my husband and various conservative friends here in North Carolina on more than a few occasions. I’ve had the same frustrations Da Tech Guy lays out in his article.

I’ve kicked the idea around quite a bit and traversed previous historical transitions in the political parties and contemplated the Third party systems of this country as well. The idea is appealing and change is clearly needed if the current climate and push for candidates from dynastic political families is any indication. One could arguably call these historical transitions a shift in party personality. Right now, this country’s political parties have severe personality disorders.

Having said that, I’ve developed the opinion that what might have worked in this country’s past won’t work today without significant money and a strong coordinated effort in every single state. I believe that change has to come from within, but the idea of it coming from outside is a nice threat.

The idea that Democrats will embrace this effort is correct as a way to create conflict and undermine the Republicans is spot on. One has to factor in how the Democrats will work side by side with the mainstream media.

The Democrats and the media will join hands to drive that conflict. It wouldn’t be crazy to say that joint effort could really cripple the effectiveness in pursuing a third party. Just think back as to how effective the media was directing the narrative on the Tea Party,  you racists.

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Belle Knox has half figured it out

11th Doctor: Merry Christmas, Mister Sardick.
Mr Sardick: I despise Christmas.
11th Doctor You shouldn’t. It’s very you.
Mr Sardick: It’s what? What do you mean?
11th Doctor: Halfway out of the dark

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol 2010

A few days ago Kevin Williamson noted that Duke porn star Belle Knox has decided to enter the political fray as a College Republican:

Miriam Weeks, better known as Belle Knox, even better known as “the Duke porn star,” is sophomoric — but then, she is still a sophomore – and, having stockpiled a supply of that most important American commodity – fame – she has announced her intentions to inflict her sophomoric analysis on the world at large as a political activist, being, as she is, a College Republican of a purportedly libertarian bent.

I and others (most notably Stacy McCain) are on the record critiquing her choices and the long term costs of them to wit:

I don’t agree with Michelle Obama on much but the truest words I ever heard a person speak was this:

The truth is, because of their lack of experience, as a rule young people are in fact knuckleheads. I think their overwhelming support of Mrs. Obama’s husband for president is clear evidence of her contention but it can’t compete with this incredible statement from Ms. Knox/Weeks in an interview:

However there is within this poor career choice an aspect that make Ms. Weeks, Mr. Williamson piece notwithstanding, a person who can speak to one critical aspect of the GOP agenda due to practical experience that most people her age do not have and may never get.

As Stacy Noted Ms Knox age and appearance makes her a “premium productt” in the porn industry.  Her notoriety makes her even more so.

Thus she is at the moment making money most 18-20 year olds do not and because of this she is at this very time encountering a reality that most people her age do not.  The Actual bite of state and federal governments.

As I put it on twitter in a tweet that ironically Ms. Knox favorited:

knox tweet

Ms Weeks is getting a perspective that those young Obama voters still in college will only get if they somehow find well paying jobs in the president’s economy post graduation.  When you are a person making a good paycheck, local state and federal government taxman comes for their share.

One might question just how thrilled Ms Knox is with her profession but I suspect nobody questions her desire to keep the lions share of what she’s paid for it.

It’s because of this fact she could be a highly effective spokesperson to the Obama / Hillary crowd and to those who don’t pay normally pay attention, from feminists who cheer her choice as a slap in the face to morality to men & woman who might “come for the breasts”.  It’s possible such folk who would ignore a Mitt Romney or Kevin Williamson on the folly of over taxation might listen if Belle Knox makes the case against a large government taxing away the money she ahem, sweated for.

You fight a war with the army you have and if Belle Knox can actually persuade some young fools that big government is a bad idea so be it, but there is another potential positive from this scenario.

Consider we have a teen here who is able to resist and / or abandon liberal economic theory in a liberal environment where such ideas are pushed.

Might not such a person capable of learning from experience one side of the conservative coin be able to figure out the other?

She might be rebelling against the church at the moment but the combination of age producing an inevitable declining in her appeal as a barely legal sex object and the almost certain prayers of devout and faithful parents produce epiphany in what she thinks?

It might take years or even decades but she’s half way out of the liberal dark already and when she’s ready to take that second step she’ll find Christ waiting with open arms as Pope Francis has reminded us.

She has the knowledge, what her potential is if she is granted the wisdom is anyones guess?