Card Kismet

Many moons ago, mononucleosis struck my sophomore year in college. Confined to my apartment in the dead of a Wisconsin winter, the math professor I was dating had a suggestion. He would teach me how to play bridge.


We dealt dozens of “honeymoon bridge” hands (bridge normally requires 4 participants, but this variant can be done with only two). I learned very limited basics. Later in the year when I returned to full health, I’d play a bit of “real bridge” in the common room of the math department and in our student union.


I found this amazing game fascinating. Yet, it wasn’t until some years later when I had moved to Minnesota and had married that the bridge bug really bit. An in law convinced me to try “duplicate bridge” – a form of the game where every hand you play is also played by other competitors in the field, removing a great deal of the luck factor.  I’d play every few weeks, learning and enjoying more.


Then, destiny struck. My aunt in Tulsa was a fine player. They were having a tournament in her city, and she invited me to attend. I did, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.”

I played for 3 days in 4 events. I placed in each – and then won the team game on Sunday! We had to beat fine teams to accomplish this; I was thrilled!


More than 35 years later, I now have 4 national championships to my name, bridge friends from literally every continent – and have played with some people you might know. (More on that later).


Stay tuned to learn why a card game can attract great minds from around the world – and intrigue us throughout our lives!


Update DTG:  I’d like to welcome Peg as part of the crew writing here.  Her primary topic will be the card game bridge which we both enjoy.

Why a bridge column at DaTechGuy Blog?  Because there is more to life than politics (plus Doctor Who doesn’t return till the fall)