Run Warren Run edges the Tuesday Game Night Group

You know it’s a waste of time to point out the difference between say the March for Life in DC or the Walk for Life in SF and the Iowa to something like either the March for life and the Run (Elizabeth) Warren Run Iowa group.

So since that comparison won’t move people who can’t see pro-lifers in front of their faces let me show you this photo of their group:

and mention some names:

Dave, Frank, Ken, Paul, Eric and Peter.

This is or rather was, the roster for the Tuesday night game group that has been playing board games together in the Fitchburg/Leominster area for over 30 years.

Some of the names have on occasion changed over the decades but the regular core group has been pretty steady since about 2001 and until recently never fell below six.

However in November I picked up some contract work that takes up my mornings that combines an early morning with the necessity of hitting the 6:30 evening mass if I want to go to church.

Thus I’ve missed game night for nearly four months although I do manage to join in an online Civ V game on weekends.

So let me congratulate the Run Warren Run Group, they might not be able to compete with the March or walk for life, tea party events, or even the lineup of writers at DaTechGuy Blog.

But they can take a bow, because they’ve managed to outnumber the Tuesday night game night group.

I’m sure Vox et/al will be impressed.

Netflix in Cuba, yeah, right

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced on Monday

“We are delighted to finally be able to offer Netflix to the people of Cuba, connecting them with stories they will love from all over the world,” said Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings. “Cuba has great filmmakers and a robust arts culture and one day we hope to be able to bring their work to our global audience of over 57 million members.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now imagine if you, gentle reader, had to pay 40% of your gross salary for the privilege. How great does that sound to you?

The average Cuban maximum salary, according to law, is the equivalent of US$20. Twenty dollars. And, according to Netflix, Cubans Will Gain Access to A Broad Range of Original Series, Movies, Documentaries, Stand-up Comedy Specials and TV Shows Starting At $7.99 “as Internet access improves and credit and debit cards become more widely available.”

Sounds optimistic, doesn’t it?

About five percent of residents have internet access, and the average monthly wage was just $20 in 2013. Additionally, Cuba’s internet infrastructure is growing, but it’s still a luxury for many residents. In January, the country’s state-owned telecom, ETECSA, launched the first public WiFi facility in Santiago de Cuba, charging $4.50 an hour — and that’s for those who already own WiFi-capable devices.

In practical terms, for anyone to access Netflix, they need

  • something to watch it on
  • internet connection
  • discretionary income
  • (international) payment method that can be billed on a subscription basis

Who, in Cuba, has all four of those requirements? The ruling elite. The average Cuban on the other hand, has this:

Carlos Eire asks,

So, if 98% of Cubans can’t afford Netflix or gain access to its services, why is this deal taking place and why are news services paying so much attention to it, even declaring it a “significant” move?

Because it “proves” that the “historic” thaw in U.S. -Cuba relations is real and that the foreign policy of the current occupant of the White House is a great success!

Smoke and mirrors. Illusion. This is how the Big Lie becomes The Truth.

Next stop, North Korea?

Fifty Shades of Grey for Valentine’s Day…

because nothing says, “I love you”  on Valentine’s Day like roses, lobster tail, and a pair of handcuffs. 

I think by now everyone has a pretty good idea of the theme of Fifty Shades of Grey due to be in wide release this coming Saturday.  If you don’t, let me cut it down to size for you:  Insecure and naive (read stupid) girl meets a gazillionaire who likes to smack around women in order to get his sexual kicks.  Insecure and naive girl, appreciative of the attention, goes along with his predilections because apparently bad attention is better than no attention at all.

In all fairness, I haven’t read the book or the two that followed, but reading the 5 star and 1 star reviews on Amazon told me everything I needed to know.  Almost all the 5 star reviews call this amalgamation of what the 1 star reviewers call the worst writing ever, a love story.

Has our culture, or what’s left of it, become so degraded that a sick man dominating a stupid woman through violent sex is referred to as a love story and no one cries foul?

How many young people are going to see this movie and decide that, “OMG, how cool is that?  It’s the abnormal being made to seem fun, and oh so normal.

Couple that up with the constant drum beat of rape accusations on college campuses, and it doesn’t take long to see where this is headed.  I not only expect to see a surge in rape accusations, but the unintended  consequences of real people losing their lives to sadistic sex gone bad.

Surely this is not what St. Valentine envisioned.




Pope Provides very Public Context for: “Who am I to Judge” Media Yawns

IN the midst of the campaign to paint Pope Francis as a liberal icon no words have been used as a weapon than the phrase: “Who am I to judge?” when referring to gay people.

Of course our friends on the left take the phrase is taken out of context because if you include the whole thing he said:

“A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will — well, who am I to judge him?” the pope said. “The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says one must not marginalize these persons, they must be integrated into society. The problem isn’t this (homosexual) orientation — we must be like brothers and sisters. The problem is something else, the problem is lobbying either for this orientation or a political lobby or a Masonic lobby.”

then it becomes impossible to spin this as support for gay culture, gay marriage or as a trick to pull some conservatives away from the church.

Well this week the Slovakians went to the poll to affirm an already existing ban on Gay marriage & adoption in their constitution and our liberal friends are in full spin mode:

Votes counted from 87.23% of the central European country’s voting districts showed turnout of just 21.07%, the statistics office said, far from the legal limit and well below expectations.

It makes sense of course that the left is crowing about people not turning out enmasse on a single issue referendum meant to affirm a law already on the books, after all if you have no prayer of actually wining a vote you can take pretend that those who didn’t vote are with you. Brut while the media plays the low turnout on a single issue referendum they don’t speak much about the results:

Around 90% of those who took part in the vote said yes to the referendum’s three questions: whether marriage can only be a union of a man and a woman, whether same-sex couples should be banned from adoptions, and whether children can skip classes involving education on sex and euthanasia.

Yes you read that right 90% of the population voted against, but that’s not news and apparently neither is this:

Pope Francis offered his support this week to pro-family Slovaks who have championed a referendum this Saturday to outlaw “gay marriage” and adoption of children by same-sex partners.

In his weekly general audience on Wednesday, during the section where the pope normally greets different nationalities, Francis said, “I greet the pilgrims from Slovakia and, through them, I wish to express my appreciation to the entire Slovak church, encouraging everyone to continue their efforts in defense of the family, the vital cell of society.”

In his address, the pope continued his weekly catechesis on the family by speaking about the figure of the father. Naming as the ideal St. Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary, Francis said, “Every family needs a father.”

It is the father’s role to teach children “to feel and act, speak and judge with wisdom and righteousness.” The “wise” and “mature” father corrects mistakes and gives “a testimony of rigor and firmness.”

Odd in the midst of all the Alabama gay marriage news I didn’t see the US media go long on the Pope’s support of the winning side here only a post at the Huffington post gay voices section.

Why is this not news? Because no matter how much the left spins the popularity of Gay Marriage it can’t be spun to be more popular than the Pope who opposes it openly and the left is still openly fearful of attacking the first Latin American Pope who is extremely popular with almost every native Spanish Speaker in the western hemisphere.

So with the Holy Father getting ready to visit the US and to address congress it’s going to be interesting to see how the left manages especially those Democrats in congress so vocal in their support for the subject.