Ted Cruz Gets Fmr NH Speaker Bill O’Brien Behind Him

I have a lot of Ted Cruz video going up from his three events on May 30th  (4 if you count the brief stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way to Speaker O’Brien’s house) but the most important video is not an interview or  Q & A with the Senator it’s this interview with Former NH Speaker Bill O’Brien who has endorsed Senator Cruz and is part of his NH Team

When I interviewed the speaker a month ago he was being courted by several campaigns. Now he’s on the Cruz team, this not only gives Senator Cruz a big leg up with conservatives in the state but In a field with many strong conservatives this will make things rather complicated for a lot of other fellows

Oddly enough when I googled his news there was not much reporting on it, a Union Leader Story, a NH public Radio story and WMUR but I think this is a pretty big deal, particularly combined with Senator Bob Smith as co chair and a large field.

I would have thought this was worth some national coverage, but I have the odd feeling anything that boots Senator Cruz’s campaign is not going to play well with the MSM is it?

Update: Instalanche Thanks Glenn s for the rest of my Ted Cruz coverage from Saturday…
My First Ted Cruz coverage post is now up here (Cruz at the WRKO Town Hall at Southern NH University)

The 2nd Ted Cruz in Mt. Vernon NH is up now.

The 3rd Ted Cruz in Andover NH will be my lead post on Monday.


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