On Ted Cruz in MA: An Opportunity Lost

By Tom Wesley

It is not often that 500 rabid, conservative Republicans converge in one spot in the bastion of liberalism that is Massachusetts. Ted Cruz pulled that off in Andover, about 27 miles south of Nashua, New Hampshire. If Senator Cruz does not win in New Hampshire in February, Massachusetts may not matter come March. He pledged to return as President. What he was trolling for were activists to fuel a campaign a half hour up Interstate-93. Some people in Texas drive 27 miles to get milk.

So why did he squander an opportunity for activists to get to know the nuances of Ted Cruz, advocate for him and join in his campaign? I’ve heard him captivate an audience at the National Press Club in 2014. At “The Barn” this weekend, he offered shop worn platitudes and predictable  applause lines. It may be all well and good to advocate for the “repeal of every line of Obamacare” but what will replace it? How will he untangle 6 years of legislation?

As a first term Senator, he carries the same baggage as our incumbent President. Why not highlight the differences between the resumes of community organizer cum law professor versus a Solicitor General of Texas who argued cases in the Supreme Court?

There is a lot to know about the growing Republican slate. Voters will understand their stance on core values but how they will engage with the irresistible force of Washington to move their agenda? Tick tock.

Press on

Update (DTG):  We welcome Tom Wesley, Former GOP Congressional candidate, current selectman and  a longtime supporter of this site and look forward to seeing what he has to say on a regular basis.