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At the Other McCain friend Robert Stacy continues to note that Twitter’s problems are not going anywhere.

The headline number? What @Jack has lost for @Twitter investors:

Twitter has lost over $2bn (£1.4bn) since the social network was first launched 10 years ago, with $1.6bn of the deficit happening since it went public two years ago.
According to the Form 10-K annual report filed by Twitter, which gives a comprehensive summary of a company’s financial performance, Twitter’s total accumulated deficit as of 31 December 2015 was $2.09bn, largely due to stock-based compensation awarded to employees.

Basically, Twitter investors have been throwing away $800 million a year since 2014 paying Jack Dorsey and other executives to live large.

And he and the #Freestacy movement continues to be one of those problems.  Bloggers like Camp of the saints continued to cover the story, not only has he been getting support from the National bloggers club, he has been making the rounds of Podcasts like Yid With Lid’s but it’s being covered by Fox News and has he notes is finding space on Drudge.

And now it’s CPAC time again:

If you want to see someone thoroughly enjoy CPAC, look no further than this Washington Times-turned-American Spectator scribe, whose weathered face (he likes to call himself a “skinny redneck”) gets a new glow this time of year whenever CPAC comes to town. He calls it “Mardi Gras for the right.” After years of attending, he knows most virtually everyone and occupies the Marriott Wardman like a mayor (or “an epic schmoozer” or a “cruise director”). And he loves the rare opportunity in Washington of surrounded by his conservative pals, since he normally just annoys liberals. How can you find McCain? If the chain smoking and fedora don’t tip you off, he’ll be the guy in the press section who brings his family and boisterously laughs at Ann Coulter’s jokes, to the chagrin of mainstream types. And how do you know he’s pumped for this year? He’s already dubbed it the “best CPAC ever” and has planned how to “be in seven places simultaneously.”

That was Politico describing Stacy as one of the five non-politicians to watch at CPAC.  And now this year we have press releases like this:

On February 19, Twitter suspended the account of award-winning conservative journalist Robert Stacy McCain. His supporters immediately launched the #FreeStacy hashtag campaign as a protest against this censorship.
McCain’s suspension came 10 days after Twitter had announced the creation of a “Trust and Safety Council” that included radical feminist Anita Sarkeesian and many left-wing progressive organizations. McCain had been using Twitter since 2009 and his account (@rsmccain) had tens of thousands of followers. In addition, Twitter also suspended @SexTroubleBook, an account McCain created in 2015 to promote his book Sex Trouble: Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature. When he appealed his suspension, McCain received a cryptic message from Twitter accusing him of “participating in targeted abuse,” without providing any evidence for this accusation. In a statement to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders, Twitter officials refused to explain their decision to suspend McCain’s account, citing “privacy” to justify this silence.
This controversy has attracted media attention from Breitbart.com, FoxNews.com, Reason magazine and BuzzFeed, among others. Conservative activists have created a petition at PublicStatus.org, seeking to fight the threat to free speech posed by the one-sided agenda of Twitter’s Orwellian “Trust and Safety” policies.
In his 2015 book, Sex Trouble, McCain warned that the feminist movement’s goal – “to destroy the structure of culture as we know it,” as Andrea Dworkin said – is “incompatible with the principles of democratic government”:
In order to obtain the androgynous “equality” that is the objective of feminist ideology, religious freedom will have to be abolished, along with the free speech rights of feminism’s critics. Unless we are willing to oppose feminism now, we may find ourselves eventually living in a totalitarian society where such opposition is prohibited by law.
That was written a year before McCain’s suspension from Twitter, which could be seen as a fulfillment of his prophecy about feminism’s totalitarian agenda. McCain has spent nearly two years researching feminist ideology, including the radical “gender theory” that defines so-called Third Wave feminism. Because of their powerful influence on college campuses, where more than 90,000 students annually enroll in Women’s Studies classes, young feminists are unaccustomed to defending their extreme ideology against well-informed opponents. Feminists refuse to debate their critics, and those who disagree with feminism are accused of “misogyny” and “harassment.” As McCain has said, “Feminism is always a lecture, never a debate, and the First Rule of Feminism is ‘Shut Up!’”

As a rule everyone at CPAC knows it’s a smart idea to stay near Stacy McCain at CPAC.  He has a nose for news and it’ always a good time.   How much more will the plethora of media, conservative & otherwise at CPAC have an incentive to do so when Robert Stacy McCain can give them a story of social media silencing conservatives in an election year?

They say that no publicity is bad publicity.  For Twitter and it’s Trust and Safety Counsel the hundreds of media people gathered at CPAC looking for a story will put that to the test.



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