Donald Trump in Mexico a Disaster for the Hillary Campaign

If there has been a worse afternoon for the Hillary Clinton Campaign I haven’t seen it.

First you have both have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both invited to Mexico by the president…

..and only Trump accepts making Trump look presidential and Hillary look like she’s ducking.

Then you have the Press gathered to see the joint statement after the meeting anticipating fireworks after Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president with the MSM covering it live hoping for fireworks…

…and the Mexican president not only shows respect for Donald Trump, says he can work with Donald Trump but explicitly states and affirms the right of the US to control its border.  

But even so you have Donald Trump speaking next and the MSM was ready for him to put his foot in his mouth, insult his host in his own country in public or make some rowdy statement…

…and instead you get calm measured words that don’t back off one bit from his positions.  He looked presidential and diplomatic. totally destroying the carefully crafted media image the media has advanced.

Then you have the press conference if Trump didn’t make himself a fool during his statements the media asking him questions would manage to do so…

and Trump answers them cleaning and directly without a misstep.

It was in every way a disaster for the left.  Instead of a blithering bombastic racist idiot that they pretend Trump is, the American people saw live a diplomatic, determined and debonair leader with a history of making big deals with important people all over the world. And that doesn’t even take into account that Hillary hasn’t held a press conference since forever.

It caught the entire media by surprise.  So much so that the meme being advanced on every network was “Trump didn’t discuss Mexico paying for the wall.”  The fact  Mexico agreed to the right of securing the border or acknowledged the advantages to Mexico for securing said border wasn’t news only that Trump did not force this issue in his very first meeting with the Pres (an action that he would have been condemned for as being “undiplomatic if he had btw).

In short for the next several days the entire media will be dedicating themselves to making sure that they advance not the actual words said by Trump & the President of Mexico but their spin of it because the actual video is devastating to Hillary Clinton and her palace guard of Press.

If Donald Trump wins this election this is the day he does it.

I’ll share the last word with Jorge Ramos

Update: While the MSM will object Let’s go to the video

Update 2: Hmmm

Update 3: More commentary Roger Simon

Donald Trump’s perfomance at his dual statement cum brief press conference with Mexican President Enrique Nieto on Wednesday should put shivers in the Hillary Clinton camp even more than the new L.A. Times poll numbers showing a sudden bounce for Trump.

Trump was a hundred percent presidential in his performance, showing that he was not about to put his foot in his mouth on the global stage as easily as Hillary’s supporters are hoping. All this is occurring with her email/foundation metastasizing. This election is not over.

And he knows who to blame for this

Ever since Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon have joined the campaign, Trump has performed nearly flawlessly. This can’t be entirely accidental.

and Byron York who gets it completely

Many polls have shown that large numbers of voters do not believe Trump is qualified to be president. After the session, the Trump campaign was quick to tout the trip as evidence that he is ready for the Oval Office.

“Mr. Trump’s trip to Mexico is an impressive display of his ability to serve as our nation’s president on day one,” said deputy communications director Bryan Lanza in a statement. “This shows Mr. Trump’s commitment to strengthening our economy as well as our relationship with our neighbor, Mexico.”

Pena Nieto invited Clinton to visit, too. If she does, she will of course receive the kind of respectful, official treatment that she deserves. But Clinton, as a former secretary of state, has videos of zillions of photo ops showing her as a major player on the world stage. Trump had none. Until today.

As far as the MSM is concerned, this is bad very bad!

Update 4: The Wall Street Journal sees an angle I missed:

There is, quite simply, no good time for Mrs. Clinton to face the campaign press corps. Except now.

Had the long-awaited news conference been held Wednesday, the questions would be overwhelmingly negative…Yet this was her best opportunity–because any bad news would be largely overshadowed.

Why, because it would have been Trumped!

By scheduling a last-minute trip to Mexico City to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto ahead of what his campaign is billing as a major immigration speech in Arizona, Mr. Trump has guaranteed the media focus will remain on him.

Advantage Trump again!

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