Understanding Liberals Principles in three Sentences

Judge: “Mr. Larch you are accused of invoking your Catholic faith in refusing to bake a cake for this gay couple’s wedding and instead referring them to a rival bakery. As a broad open minded liberal judge I must ask this question, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Mr. Larch: “Your honor I think one of them voted for Donald Trump in the last election.”

Judge: [Banging gavel] “Case dismissed!”

Civics is in style

Evan McMullin’s independent never-Trump-never-Hillary presidential campaign earned him 700,000 votes along with footnote status in future accounts of the 2016 presidential election. One bewildered supporter tweeted to him afterward, basically asking “what now?” McMullin responded on December 4 with a series of tweets that add up to two things: he’s still not a Trump fan, and he is a great believer in the power of civics.

The president-elect and McMullin seem to have no use for each other. A few of McMullin’s tweeted recommendations, though, apply to every voter vis-a-vis every elected official. They’re about civics and about being a citizen instead of a client. I doubt President-elect Trump would take issue with these three, for example.

  • “Read and learn the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Know that our basic rights are inalienable.”
  • “Identify and follow many credible sources of news. Be very well informed and learn to discern truth from untruth.”
  • “Support journalists, artists, academics, clergy and others who speak truth and who inform.”

McMullin also advised “Hold members of Congress accountable…” I’m partial to that one, coming as I do from a state that just sent a pro-abortion all-Dem delegation to Washington (while electing GOP majorities in our State House; go figure).

Even where McMullin’s December 4 tweets took Trump to task by name, they were grounded in civics: watch every word, decision and action of this Administration….Write, speak, and act when we observe violations of our rights and democracy. 

Call me old-fashioned, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s all essential no matter who’s in the White House or the State House or even the town hall. Maybe the prospect of Donald Trump’s presidency is prompting people to take a fresh look at the things they ought to be doing anyway.

Ellen Kolb blogs at Leaven for the Loaf about New Hampshire politics & the life issues.

Stop blaming 2016

Anyone on social media has seen thousands of posts blaming 2016 for all and sundry events: Weather, election results, break-ups with girlfriends/boyfriends, and of course, celebrity deaths.

It’s come to the point that stating that 2016 Is Not Killing People is an unpopular opinion, no matter than the writer correctly notes that addictions cut lifespans.

I must admit that blaming 2016 for weather events is a refreshing change from the global warming cacophony. As to election results, books are being written. Romantic relationships sometimes end bitterly, but, if two months after the fact you are still carping about it on Facebook, may I suggest that you seek counseling?

As for grieving celebrity deaths, it’s sad that talented people whose art delighted us and shed insight on the human experience have passed away. It’s also worthwhile to keep in mind that many times we project onto celebrities our emotions, our foibles, regardless of whether that person shares them or not.

Of course everybody enjoyed Alan Rickman’s acting,

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM10rI3cX14&w=560&h=315]

George Michael’s singing,

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYAR8RigqDA&w=560&h=315]

and of course every little girl (and a lot of big girls) wanted to be Princess Leia. But there are people closer to us who inspire is to become our better selves.

My mom, who died in October, at age 96, is one of them. Another one is a gentleman who was on the board of the Princeton studio of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (now Learning Ally). He was a pioneer in his field at work, a fun and witty guy who answered my five-year-old son’s questions about it, a leader in his religious community, a good friend, father and husband. We lost touch over the years, and I found out about his passing just two days ago. When I looked up his obituary I also found out he was a war hero, decorated with two Purple Hearts.

So let’s lift a prayer of thanks for those who inspire us to be our better selves.

And stop blaming 2016 for everything.

Christopher Harper on learning from failure.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on Latin America and thr U.S. at Fausta’s blog.

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10 Quick Thoughts Under my Fedora for the 4th Day of Christmas

Given the last two months It’s easy to forget that: 1. Donald Trump is: still not president yet 2. We still don’t know if he will be a good, bad or average president. However If the election of Donald Trump does nothing else, it has completely unmasked the left as the group of self centered, intolerant narcissistic bullies and fools that they are.

Was talking to an african friend Tuesday about Trump and the Israel vote, he was concerned that he did not talk to Obama before coming out against the resolution vis a vis Israel (which my african friend opposed). I think it didn’t make a difference, without Hillary Clinton to protect the Democrat elites felt free to show their true colors and they did.

The booming stock market and the return of consumer confidence is a damning indictment of the Obama years that the media is doing it’s best to: 1. Pretend isn’t happening or 2. Call it the Obama boom. It’s one of the reasons why they are not trusted as it’s becoming eminently clear that without the MSM propping him nobody outside of a college campus would believe the Obama years were anything but an unmitigated disaster. The price of that decision is going to be paid by the national MSM as it becomes an irrelevant niche market over the next few years. They will be paying the interest on that loan of credibility for the unqualified Obama for years.

I think the story of Joe Biden lobbying Ukraine to vote against Israel is huge and says a lot about the liberal left, namely that no matter how much of a homey down to earth facade they can wear, they are just reflections of Obama.

One other thing, it’s become clear that the primary reason why Barack Obama won re-election and Hillary Clinton couldn’t was the united support of the black voter who was willing to overlook the realities of the obama years to perpetuate the myth of the first black president being a tremendous success as opposed to the abject failure that it was. It became a cultural imperative for Black America and it will pay the interest on that bad loan of cultural credibility to Barack Obama for decades As I’ve said many times there is a reason why Jackie Robinson was the first black player to break the color barrier in the major leagues and Pumpsie Green was the last.

In Sports the NFL has been bailed out by some great down to the wire playoff races and the fact that the only team Kaepernick’s 49ers have been capable of beating this year was the Rams. The final week of the season has NE playing for home field, Oakland playing for the division and the bye. Detroit on the verge of going from Division leader to playoff also ran and thanks to a tie earlier in the year and the vagaries of the schedule Green Bay vs Detroit the Washington Redskins while technically the 7th seed in the NFC are in with a win as long as Detroit and Green Bay don’t end up in a tie and still might edge one of them if they do. It’s been a hell of a finish.

What is not being talked about concerning the deaths of both George Michael and Carrie Fisher is their history of drug use. I find it very interesting to see the cultural left morning both of these people when they spent decades endorsing such risky behavior as cool and those of us who suggested a more restrained life as dorks.

On that subject I suspect the new rules about pot in Massachusetts are going to be treated like the Catholic Church’s revised rule about meat on Friday. Every eats the meat and forgets that one is supposed to do a substitute sacrifice or prayers to make up for it, likewise people are going to simply presume that they can do what they want.

Technically I didn’t get Civilization VI for Christmas, I simply got a laptop that allows me to play Civ 6 for Christmas and then bought it myself. So far so good

I had been up all day and believe it or not fell asleep during the Doctor Who Christmas special. Only caught a bit of the start and the last 15 minutes. What I saw I liked. The fact that Comcast has not made it available on demand to be watched even once since Christmas has really pissed me off. From what I saw of it, it looks pretty good.