MSM in retreat, Braxton Braggs of the Right hardest hit

Taken aback, Longstreet at last saw what the trouble was. Bragg was miffed because his design for herding the blue coats into McLemore’s Cove had gone astray…In other words, if he could not win in just the way he wanted, he did not care about winning at all, or anyhow he wanted no personal share in such a victory

Shelby Foote The Civil War A Narrative Fredericksburg to Meridian p 744

If there has been one constant in the story of the rise of the alternate media it’s that the mainstream media outlets have been biased against conservatism and have served as defacto media arm of leftists in general and the Democrat party in particular.

The MSM’s unwillingness to report honestly burying stories unfavorable to liberal memes like

while pushing and defending thin or false stories to advance said memes

is what made folks like Matt Drudge, Instapundit and me  what we are today.

In fact the bias of the left is so bad that not only does Newsbusters document it daily but their annual dinner highlighting journalism worst abuses of the year is practically the nerd prom of the right.

So I’m slightly surprised when I see tweets like this upset at some of the POTUS’ tweets about press ethics or lack thereof

Matt used to be at Newsbusters concerned by things like this The irony is palatable particularly given this

and this

and of course this

I understand that some of my fellow conservatives don’t like or trust Donald Trump but this doesn’t require pity for the dishonest media. I’d say Iowahawk puts it very well as always in two tweets

Personally I don’t understand the frustration of any conservative, even one who hates Trump over all this. Consider this lament from the Baltimore Sun

Trump lashed out at BuzzFeed in his press conference today, calling it a “failing pile of garbage.” He also refused to take a question from a CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump told Acosta. “You are fake news.”

I wish he had saved all his wrath for BuzzFeed, which clearly deserves it.

Thanks to BuzzFeed, all of us in the press are diminished.

or the Sight of reports on CNN cutting and running from Buzzfeed:

CNN distances itself from BuzzFeed, says Trump is using the website ‘to deflect from CNN’s reporting’

or the joy of Chuck Todd suddenly deciding that Buzzfeed isn’t a great news source:

and NBC undermining CNN

Less than 18 months ago every conservative I know would have given their eye teeth to discredit the dishonest and dishonorable MSM and break their power. Now that it’s happening because of Trump some conservatives are suddenly worried about this kind of thing.

Let me remind everyone that there is an easy way for the MSM to stop bleeding it’s credibility by acting like a bunch of Democrats with bylines:

Stop acting like a bunch of Democrats with bylines!

That’s it, do who what when where and why, confirm your stories and make sure you have at least one or two people with a different ideological bent who can see the bias you can’t before you publish and you’ll be fine but I suspect for the left that’s too high a price to pay for credibility.

As for me I suggest rather than bemoaning Trump I suggest sitting back and enjoying the MSM crashing and burning around me.

Closing Thought, as I recall part of the phony Buzzfeed story was a suggestion that Donald Trump has an affinity for some sexual practices that some might find deviant.

Can anyone really any time in the last 8 years when any critique, let alone condemnation of deviant sexual practices did not elicit a cry of Bigot from places like Buzzfeed why did they consider the idea, false that it was, that Trump enjoyed such practices a cause for celebration and loudly condemn anyone who said otherwise?


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10 DaTechGuy 2016 posts that flopped bigtime

Everyone likes to talk about the years biggest hits but like everyone else we had a few flops here. So today we are going to highlight 10 posts in no particular order that other than being seen on the main page got almost no linkage or love. I’m going to start with a post that I really wanted to do well because it was for a good cause

Cameron’s Crusaders Helping the families of Sick Children

The Charity supports families of sick kids helping to cover the incidental expenses of Hospital trips from gas to meals.

If you went to see the movie Miracles from Heaven you’ll get the idea of what kind of things they’re talking about.

Their website is here. They’re worth your support.

I really hoped to give this very worth charity some well deserved attention and bucks but for some reason (I presume because it was a local event) passed on this post.

I’d urge all my readers to give them a 2nd look and kick in if they can.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s examine some categories.

Not falling for the (Click) bait:

Since like all blogs we are click driven on occasion we put up post that are click bait, this was one of them

Trump sums up the Obama Years in a single sentence

Since nobody bothered to click, here is the sentence:

“If he were in the private sector, he’d be sued for fraud.”

I thought that was pretty good but you disagreed.

Double standards everywhere.

We do a lot of pointing out double standards here and often it gets attention but these posts didn’t

The Melania Trump Bill Clinton Late Night Comic Test

NY Post has also inadvertently thrown a gauntlet down to every late night comic on TV.

What gauntlet? The obvious Bill Clinton Melania Trump skit test.

It is completely impossible to look at the NY Post’s photos of the possible future first lady and not imagine Bill Clinton’s reaction to it and start laughing.

Furthermore is it almost impossible to not picture a skit whereby Bill Clinton is ogling the NY Post Melania Trump cover and Hillary walks in.

The possibilities, from Bill Trying to hide the newspaper, to Hillary getting jealous (to Monica getting jealous), to Bill deciding to submit an absentee ballot for Trump over it, are practically endless.

For a comic writer it’s a fatter pitch than Denny McLain’s final toss to Mickey Mantle in Sept 1968.  Such a skit practically writes itself.  It’s a total no brainer.

I thought this post combined the best of double standards with a click bait title plus alluding to Melania Trumps racy nudes in the NY Post , apparently nobody else did.

There were other double standards that rankled me that produced yawns like

The Obvious Question to West Point and This Administration

If these West Point Graduates were posing with Bibles, Rosaries and Crucifixes would they decide it was not “political activity”?

If people want to argue that such political activity is NBD that’s fine, that’s fair debate, but don’t insult my intelligence and claim it’s not.

Yeah yeah the admin loves BLM & hates Christ, we know, big deal.

The Trump but not Cruz/bush/Rubio/christie/Kasich/Fiorina is finished if he loses Iowa double standard didn’t interest you either

The GOP/MSM Donald Trump vs Cruz, Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina etc Double Standard

But the “Trump must win Iowa or he’s finished” meme is nonsense and can be demonstrated as such by two simple questions. This is the first:

“If Jeb Bush fails to win Iowa is he finished and if not, why not?”

Now for anyone who knows anything about how the primary process works that question is pretty easy to answer but the answer to that question leads to a second one.

“Given that Jeb Bush doesn’t crack the top 3 in any early state while Donald Trump leads in most of them and has more money then Bush, why does a 2nd place finish for Trump in Iowa doom him but a 2nd place or worse finish for Bush or Kasich, or Christie is nothing for them to worry about?”

These questions are so damn obvious and follow the assertion concerning Trump and Iowa so naturally that one would think the MSM & GOP would be ashamed to make them but they assume you are too stupid to think of this.

Remember I had endorsed and was actively supporting Ted Cruz at that time but I thought this was a great post that asked a great question, but nobody else apparently agreed.

You’re not as Clever (or funny) as you think you are

Sometimes you write a post that you think is really profound but everyone else thinks is boring, like

High Noon for America

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was the police chief of such as city, and the political left that controls my city is not willing to stand with the men and women who protect them I’d pull them off the streets rather than have them risk their necks for people who don’t care if they live or die.

That way not only will the criminal element have the joy of discovering the reality that it is only the police that protect them from the wrath of those they prey on, but the elites can discover the joy of being free from those vile men and women in blue guarding their offices, their business and their home and the freedom of self reliance.

I thought it was edgy and provocative, the readers thought it was a sleeping aid

Also the jokes in this post said one thing to readers

The H & R Block / Turbo Tax Ads you’ll never see

What if that Turbo Tax ad instead of saying “In her case yes the amount goes right here” when asked about a load deduction said: “In her case yes but we at Turbo Tax aren’t going to apply it because we want to help you to be a patriotic American who pays her fair share of taxes.”

What if that H & R Block ad instead of saying “Nobody gets more of your money back then Block, guaranteed.” said “Nobody makes sure you pay your fair share of taxes like Block, guaranteed.

They said I shouldn’t quit my overnight job

Not Interested

There are times that you write about things that interest you even if they don’t apparently interest others like

Pintastic NE 2016 Interviews Pt 1: the Vendors

If you are a pinball fan these are the type of people who will help keep you running and make your experience even better, and the Hobby is all the better for them being there for us.

I still think these interviews were cool and if you are a pinball fan they should interest you, but people were more interested in the Pintastic posts on the tables than the vendors.

I do a lot of posts on my faith, most are received well, but for some reason this one wasn’t

The Unexpectedly Chronicles: The ACLU makes Matthew Kelly’s Point about the Catholic Faith

If the culture of today’s secular liberalism had been there when the church introduced hospitals and education for the masses we would be still living in a feudal age consisting of the very rich and the very poor.

Or basically what the left is trying to remake California as.

I thought it was a great post making a great point, but apparently my considerable number of Catholic readers disagreed.

The 2016 I Thought Turkey’s could Fly Award

The I thought Turkey’s could fly award goes to the post that had the best potential to be picked up nationally and get a ton of hits and fill DaTipJar but didn’t.  It’s failure surprised and disappointed me.  It came from my coverage of RedState Denver

Denver Day Four Part 2: Redstate day 1 Larry O’Connor Dave Weigel and many many more

This post had everything.  Live exclusive interviews.  Nationally known names like Dave Weigel of the Washington post and Larry O’Connor and a great interview with Steve Kelly of KNUS, regular people, conservative activists and pols running for office.  At the very least each of these groups had an incentive to promote this post and generate  a bunch of eyeballs.  At best they should have produced a bunch of eyeballs on their own and would prompt their readers and listeners to hit DaTipJar to see more.

They didn’t. My EWTN trip posts beat this one easy in both categories.

Come to think of it I didn’t finish my last two posts on the last WQPH trip up to EWTN up, but I’ll bet they’ll do better that this one too.

Well these were the lemons of 2016.  At least in terms of the charity post I hope this one turns it into lemonade as for the others, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.