Musings On Evil, Part Two

by baldilocks Click the links at the risk of your own emotional equilibrium. In Saturday’s post, I said this: [W]hat does Satan want ultimately? Answer: the death of humanity, but not just death. He wants our debasement, since he is envious of God’s love for us. Therefore, he will turn as many of us as … Continue reading Musings On Evil, Part Two

Liberalism Explained

Why is it so difficult to talk with liberals? Liberals tend to feel more than think. They feel others' pain. But they don't feel conservatives' pain. A college classmate recently posted a photo of a Nazi flag next to an American one as an example of her growing concern about hate in the United States … Continue reading Liberalism Explained

Think Progress Channels the Big Bang Theory

Leonard: Something’s wrong, I’m not getting any gas. Anybody know anything about internal combustion engines? Sheldon: Of course. Raj: Very basic. Howard: 19th-century technology. Leonard: Does anybody know how to fix an internal combustion engine? Sheldon: No. Howard: No, not a clue. The Big Ban Theory The Zarnecki Incursion 2011 I have a question for … Continue reading Think Progress Channels the Big Bang Theory