Presidential Persona

by baldilocks I’m reading Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself at the Federalist and, while I’m not quite finished reading it yet, it brought up a few thoughts I’d been having about the president’s persona in the action-packed eight days since the Inauguration. Our previous two presidents, George W. Bush … Continue reading Presidential Persona

What Pence could have said

Vice President Pence speaking at March for Life, from Fox News I watched Vice President Pence's speech at the March for Life. It was...OK. As far as speeches go, it was along the lines of "Blah blah, President Trump loves you. Blah blah, you are making America Great Again." Don't get me wrong, I'm glad … Continue reading What Pence could have said

The Three March for life Shockers for new Viewers

Today, and every day, we stand united for #Life. #Stand4Life #MarchForLife #ProLife— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) January 27, 2017 Yesterday was the March for life and one of the signs of the fear of the left was the sudden interest in the twitter Hashtags #march4life and #marchforlife by outraged leftists. To be sure in … Continue reading The Three March for life Shockers for new Viewers