Please remind me of Chuck Schumer Crying over terror attacks or the Jan 2009 CNN GOP Town Hall

You know I’m going to be turning 54 this year so I’m pretty sure that my memory is not what it was.

So I’m sure that my readers can remind me of at least one time when Senator Chuck Schumer was in tears over a terror attack or even an attempted terror attack against American citizens. For example the attempt to murder one of his constituents in Texas a few years ago I’m sure was a most emotional moment for him but for the life of me I can’t recall his tears over it.

Likewise while I turned on CNN briefly tonight watching their promotion of the anti-trump protests and assurance that this latest move would finally harm him, perhaps fatally politically (a prediction that has come almost continually over the last 18 months) I noticed promotions for a Nancy Pelosi Town Hall.

Now this seems strange to me. The House of representatives is a place where the minority has little or no power over legislation and with no Democrat president in the White House Nancy Pelosi’s relevance in DC is lower than it has been in decades.

So it seems really odd that CNN would decide to hold a town hall featuring a person with no power or influence, it’s almost as if they are trying to push the Democrat agenda or give the illusion of power to her.

But I’m sure this must not be the case, I’m undoubtedly forgetting the CNN live town hall held in January of 2009 featuring the GOP minority leader John Boehner that must have been highly promoted by the network in the same way that the Pelosi one has been.

So if any of you dear readers could remind me of these things I’d highly appreciate it, after all it couldn’t be that both of these things were just all about political theatre to prop up a Democrat party in retreat and to oppose president trump,

Could it?