Today’s Left: Protesting Your Protest of their Next Protest

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Judson: I’m agan it!

Mack: Agan What? You didn’t hear what Daniel said?

Judson: If Daniel said it I’m agan it!

Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E 1964

Well Donald Trump has, counting Jan 20th, as of today been president for a whole 12 days.

During that 12 days he’s named most of his cabinet, made several deals concerning jobs, met with the British PM, talked to Several other world leaders on the phone, made a deal with the Saudi’s concerning a safe space for Syrian refugees within Syria, signed executive orders concerning regulations, immigration, and lobbying.  He’s done all of this all the while tweeting up a storm that’s kept the MSM busy.

Not bad for a guy who  has according to Tim Blair,  been destroyed at least 30 times.

In that same period the left held a protest that included torching a limousine owned by a muslim immigrant, held a 2nd DC protest leaving a big mess in DC, held a protest in seattle assaulting a trump supporter and demanding “we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die” , Turned the Screen Actors guild awards into an anti-trump protest, held protests at Sundance, started holding protests nationwide disrupting airports over Trumps executive order on immigration, protested the choice for education secretary and I suspect even now is preparing to protest the Supreme Court Pick that the president is appearing to make.

And if you critique their protests online, well they protest that too,

What does this mean.  Well it certainly provides a contrast.

We can either choose to be on the side of action, action based on promises made being delivered.

Or we can either be on the side of continual unending anger.

I know what side I’m choosing, if you disagree with my choice feel free to protest.

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