Narrative Treatment

by baldilocks I’m reading many pieces written by those who explain things much better than I can. So, I’m just going to pass one of these essays along. This one, Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist, demonstrates the Coconut Treatment in action. People are often confused about what postmodernism is and what it … Continue reading Narrative Treatment

Liberals should be hating NATO

Secretary of State Tillerson continues to beat up NATO nations for not paying their fair share.  Normally we hear these complaints by people leaving, so it's refreshing to hear them early, which means we might actually get some reform. Liberals seem loathe to support Trump on this point, and I'm not sure why.  NATO's own … Continue reading Liberals should be hating NATO

10 very quick thoughts

When I saw this story at The other McCain my first thought was: If only they went to Duke University then it would have been considered all about empowerment. The fact that the college hookers facebook photo is with Bill Clinton the week the Mike Pence wife story came out is very Ironic. It's reached … Continue reading 10 very quick thoughts