Reality Sets In

by baldilocks Donald Herbert Walker Trump--Zman on the American missile strike in Syria: Trump won the nomination and the presidency on one core issue. He would be the President of the United States, not the President of the world. That was his line. He repeated it often. It allegedly captured his one core belief. What … Continue reading Reality Sets In

Trump’s pivot to the Pacific

Everyone is focused on Syria.  Literally, everyone.  To be honest though, was anyone surprised?  I wasn't.  Syria's best bet would have been to lay low and stay off the radar.  Instead, they became a very convenient way for President Trump to prove he was serious about the Middle East, show President Xi he was comfortable … Continue reading Trump’s pivot to the Pacific

The Strike on Syria is Very Trump

Citizen at New Orleans Party: But perhaps the general would at least tell us what his plans are? General Andrew Jackson: Sir if the hair on my head knew my plans I would cut it off! The Buccaneer 1958 Ian Howe: You know the key to running a convincing bluff? Every once in a while … Continue reading The Strike on Syria is Very Trump