Virtue Signaling and Chechnya

by baldilocks In the last few days, it has been reported that the government of the Chechen Republic (Chechnya) is putting homosexuals in "concentration" camps. "Concentration camps" for LGBT people have been allegedly opened up in Chechnya where men have been tortured and killed because of their sexuality, Novaya Gazeta reported. The allegations came after a few eyewitnesses and survivors said in interviews … Continue reading Virtue Signaling and Chechnya

A Syrian Survivor Offers an Important Message

Kassem Eid survived the 2013 sarin massacre in Syria in which 1,400 people died, so it wasn’t surprising that CNN contacted him to talk about the most recent attack and the Trump administration’s response. What happened next stunned CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. “For the very first time, we see Assad held accountable just for once, held … Continue reading A Syrian Survivor Offers an Important Message

The Campus Gestapo takes a life

I suspect they won't show much remorse until the end of the lawsuit: If every other egregious example of a male student denied due process after being accused of sexual misconduct gets ignored – this one should not be. A male student who was accused of sexual harassment committed suicide just days after the University of … Continue reading The Campus Gestapo takes a life