Considering the Carcass Worshipers

by baldilocks Kim du Toit on the alt-right movement. My common ground with the alt-Right is this: like them, I think that Western civilization and culture is the greatest thing that ever occurred to mankind. It has elevated our society from brutishness and beastliness into civilization, quite possibly to the zenith of thought, achievement and prosperity. Just … Continue reading Considering the Carcass Worshipers

Twenty years ago

I had the pleasure of acting as the presiding officer at the retirement of one of my First Class Petty Officers yesterday. A few people said they really liked my speech (genuinely, not the "nice job" you get by default), so I figured I'd share: Ladies and gentlemen, family and guests of Petty Officer X, … Continue reading Twenty years ago

The Obvious Question for Virtue Signaling “Anti-Trump Conservatives”

There are many things amazing about the left/democrat/media's full court press against this administration. The disregard for their reputation with half of the population, the willingness to throw out anything resembling journalistic standards, the determined effort to legitimize and downplay violence against anyone who dares question them. But the most amazing thing about what I've seen … Continue reading The Obvious Question for Virtue Signaling “Anti-Trump Conservatives”