Best Of You

There's a tremendous, oft sadly neglected richness in the English language all of us should use more often. I'm not referring to throwing maximum verbiage around in an effort to appear smart; rather, appreciating how even simple phrases can hold surprising depth. Case in point: someone is getting, or have gotten, the best of you. … Continue reading Best Of You

Democrats in #GA06 Mission Accomplished

One final thought about #ga06 a lot of you who are proclaiming this a defeat for democrats for silly reasons like this Nov. 2016: Rodney Stooksbury (D) spends $0, wins 124,917 votes in #GA6 June 2017: Jon Ossoff (D) spends $23M+, wins 124,893. — Kyle Wingfield AJC (@kwingfieldajc) June 21, 2017 are missing the point. … Continue reading Democrats in #GA06 Mission Accomplished