Voices of the Catholic Marketing Network Kelly Neito and the Musical The Cross and the Light

I talk to Kelly Neito about her Musical show the Cross and the Light at the Catholic Marketing Network The website of the show is here. The Rest of my Catholic Marketing Network posts are here.

Thoughts on a Torn Poster

I heard anecdotes about a man with a pro-life sign being assailed during the recent Boston demonstration/counterdemonstration, and then found that an Esquire writer tweeted a short video of the incident.    (Language alert.) The guy was carrying a poster with photos of preborn human beings on the upper half of the poster, visible in the … Continue reading Thoughts on a Torn Poster

Is communism the new Blue Bonnet?

People of a certain age will remember one advertising jingle, "Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it:" Back then we were being sold an inferior product that had the shape and color of the real thing, but certainly fell short of the real thing. I remember that we did a blind taste test in grade … Continue reading Is communism the new Blue Bonnet?

The #maga #campingworld Protest explained in three easy steps

E. K. Hornbeck: Tell me, uh, what do you think of all these monkeyshines Hot Dog Vendor: Got no opinion, sir. Opinions are bad for business. Inherit the Wind 1960 Apparently the CEO of Camping World has decided that instead of concentrating on providing his customer base with camping products and fine customer service to … Continue reading The #maga #campingworld Protest explained in three easy steps