On the “Special Needs” of Black People

by baldilocks What have Republicans/conservatives done for black Americans? I hear that question constantly when I disclose that I am a conservative. Implied in the question is that a political party must “do something” for blacks. Not merely the usual “something” that a government entity does for all of its constituents, e.g. provide utilities, regulate … Continue reading On the “Special Needs” of Black People

Voices of the Catholic Marketing Network Author Anthony Kolenc

I spoke to author Anthony Kolenc at the Catholic Marketing Network event in Chicago His latest collaboration is here His latest book is here The Rest of my Catholic Marketing Network posts are here.

The Bishop’s Junk Mail

More junk mail...this time, a letter from our Bishop asking for money in the annual Bishop's Appeal. During this last appeal, my high level of annoyance surprised me. I certainly don't mind donating money to the church, and I'm old enough to understand that the Catholic Church needs money to keep the lights on and … Continue reading The Bishop’s Junk Mail