Pure Relief

The grind-it-out side of public policy occupied me this morning, as I went to the State House to listen to a subcommittee patiently work out the language of a bill. That done, I walked outside to see what was up on the State House plaza. And my day was made. A collection was underway for … Continue reading Pure Relief

Pres. Trump goes to #PuertoRico

Here is a transcript of  his remarks. CNN’s John King Slams Trump Press Conference as ‘Love Fest'. Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez traveled to the island on Air Force One with the President. My FB and Twitter feeds lit up over Trump's remark on the budget. Here's the actual quote (emphasis added), Now, I hate to tell … Continue reading Pres. Trump goes to #PuertoRico

Cause and Effect: American Balkanization and Crime

My plans for finally getting my Red Summit post were derailed a 2nd time after I read this piece from Christopher Harper that stopped me in my tracks. Violent crimes increased nationally last year by more than 4 percent and homicides rose by nearly 9 percent, one year after violence rose nearly 4 percent and … Continue reading Cause and Effect: American Balkanization and Crime