Pelosi turns on Conyers, calls for him to resign

Pelosi turns on Conyers calls for him to resign

When a politician can’t change the direction of the winds, they tend to give up and flow with them. Such is the case for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who has spent a week defending Representative John Conyers. Her days of defending him appear to be done.

This should be the final straw that broke the Representative’s back. After multiple reports of downright strange examples of sexual misconduct, the man who’s been on Capitol Hill the longest is being asked by his beloved leader to step down. He already declared he wouldn’t be running for reelection, but that’s apparently not enough for Pelosi.

As American society heads down the road of exposing men in power who utilize their status for sexual pleasure, we can embrace the change and push for something better or we can say the sky is falling. I, for one, agree with the sentiment that this can all be a great thing.