Unintended Consequences

In 1999 I had to take a diversity course during my final semester of college out east while completing my first master degree. It was here that I learned of the new view that immigration into the US should resemble a stew instead of a melting pot. This concept greatly disturbed me even then, and we are now constantly exposed to the dangers of a lack of assimilation. Although cultural disharmony threatens our nation’s security, the unintended consequences now pose an even greater threat to the millions of illegal immigrants within our borders who insist on being separate.

On Monday the Trump administration announced the end of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to 200,000 illegal immigrants from El Salvador. This follows the expiration of TPS for tens of thousands of Haitians and Nicaraguans. These populations, though here illegally, were granted annual extensions from multiple prior administrations, essentially making their illegal entry a temporary legal act.

Trump was elected largely because of his promised immigration policies. Over 70% of the nation support his immigration policies. This includes 59% of Hispanic voters.

Getting approximately ¾ of our citizens to agree on anything these days is near miraculous. I argue illegal immigrants have brought this “miracle” upon themselves.

With academia and our government stressing the insignificance of assimilation for decades, large percentages of immigrant populations (especially those from South and Central America and from nearly every majority Islamic Nation) have become increasingly abrasive, while demanding access to entitlements such as in-state tuition, driver licenses, and access to health care and public schools.

Large numbers settle in ethnic enclaves and show no desire to interact with outsiders. In a growing number of Muslim communities, for instance, they are increasingly refuting the power of the state to enforce the rule of law and even demand the power to practice Shariah law. Multiple generations of illegal immigrants from both Hispanic and Muslim areas either do not learn English at all, or speak it only out of necessity.

Their contempt for their host nation is displayed in sports, and large numbers openly demonstrate hatred for America. How many moments like this have we seen on the internet or the evening news?

Is there really any shock that, after decades of public ingratitude and endless demands, that a supermajority of Americans turned against them?

America is incredibly tolerant. There would not be ¾ of us who support stricter immigration policies, including their forcible repatriation, had they behaved like guests and demonstrated a desire to embrace American culture as their own. If the majority of illegal immigrants instead followed the outdated melting pot concept, there is no doubt in my mind that this would not be the leading issue of our time.

To support my theory, I ask a question.  Is there a large public outcry to repatriate Africans or Asians who overstay their work visas or are otherwise here illegally?  No.  Why? For whatever reasons, these populations seem more willing to assimilate and show an appreciation for the opportunities this nation offers.  They do not publicly demand that we become the nations they left behind.

Also on Monday, the Pope delivered his annual address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See. Somewhat surprising, considering his more recent comments, Pope Francis stated that immigrant populations, “must necessarily conform to the rules of the country offering them hospitality, with respect for its identity and values.”


This should be a warning to all immigrant populations, present and future. If you behave badly as a population, you should expect Americans will eventually demand that you leave.