Who Runs Things?

by baldilocks When Barack Obama was president of the United States of America, I was afraid, but not of Obama the individual. Neither his party, nor his ideology – mundane Leftism – nor even his spiritual beliefs whether it was Black Liberation Theology or crypto-Islam or covert atheism – were fear-inducing to me. I was … Continue reading Who Runs Things?

Why Government Shutdowns Suck

I've now lived through multiple government shutdowns. Each has had a different effect on me, but this last one, and the ongoing Continuing Resolution, has made the largest impact, because I currently manage almost 90 Sailors, a large inventory of equipment, and a large travel budget with Sailors deployed all over the world. I think … Continue reading Why Government Shutdowns Suck

Is Baseball that Stupid?

Today at Drudge there is talk that baseball players upset that at a time of falling attendance are not spending a fortune on overpriced free agents are thinking about taking action: One day after commissioner Rob Manfred shrugged off the sluggish free-agent market for Major League Baseball players this winter as a blip, and one … Continue reading Is Baseball that Stupid?