Why I’m Against Black History Month…and For It (Part 1)

by baldilocks Series originally published in 2014. Here we are again in February--Black History Month, or whatever the more politically-correct designation is currently. I am of two minds on the observance of it. But, first, it is necessary to point to the history of Black History Month and to its creator, Carter G. Woodson: Carter … Continue reading Why I’m Against Black History Month…and For It (Part 1)

Fake News and Vietnam

During a visit last year to Vietnam, I made the trek to Khe Sanh, one of the key battles during the Tet Offensive, which happened 50 years ago. For most of the journey, I bristled at the Vietnamese guide and propagandist, who maintained Tet was a major victory for the Communist forces. I finally had … Continue reading Fake News and Vietnam

The End of DaTechGuyblog’s Exile

Captain Sawyer: [Looking at his hands after being released from a straitjacket] I never thought I'd see these again Hornblower Retribution 2001 Today I gave a call to GoDaddy and after a week of contradictory messages, conflicting statements and customer service where it was not clear who was the paying customer and who was providing … Continue reading The End of DaTechGuyblog’s Exile